The 2013 Christmas Show

The 2013 Christmas Show Tickets

The 2013 Christmas Show is the latest edition of a show that has become one of the most amazing annual productions by the American Music Theatre. From the time the first Christmas Show took to the stage to this day, the show has become as famous in Lancaster as the annual Christmas show held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. Yes, it is now as old as its NY counterpart and has managed to create a very special place for itself in the hearts of thousands of people who have gone on to watch it live. Its edition this year will carry on that legacy to even greater heights and is a perfect chance to celebrate holidays with family and loved ones.

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The 2013 Christmas Show


The American Music Theatre


Performing Arts and Theater

The holiday season has always been one of the most important parts of the year. Families come together to celebrate Christmas. The American Music Theatre has its own way of adding to the joy on people’s faces with their annual Christmas Show. This wonderful production has wowed theater fans and has played a huge part in turning the holiday season into a joyous time. Its latest edition has had people buying The 2013 Christmas Show tickets already for what promises to be a really special occasion.

What The Christmas Show is About

The 2013 Christmas Show: The First Noel is a celebration of Christmas. It is about what makes the holiday season so special and also about how it needs to be celebrated. The show is dedicated towards getting masses in the Christmas spirit. There are holiday songs, Christmas trees and the lovable Santa Claus. The performances are conducted by some of the most amazing professional artists on the circuit today. The choreography, the musical arrangements and the music itself is taken care of by the American Music Theatre and its orchestra. As far as the vocals go, they are provided by wonderfully gifted performers.

It is a production for people of all ages and from all walks of life. It has everything for everyone and all that done to perfection. The Christmas Show will rekindle the holiday spirit and turn the season into one unforgettable ride for everyone who buys The 2013 Christmas Show tickets to watch it live. This is what it has been doing and it looks that trend will be carried on to many years to come.

The Live Experience

The 2013 Christmas Show and the American Music Theatre is a combination too good to resist. On one hand is a show that has received widespread critical acclaim from every corner and on the other side is an arena that is as stunning as performing arts venues can get. The comfort and the ambience that the AMT offers will be merged with the grace, fun and humor of the production itself that offer a live magical experience.

 The American Music Theatre

The American Music Theatre (AMT) has become one of the most famous performing arts venues in the country today. Since its opening in the year 1997, it has provided the stage for some of the biggest names from the world of entertainment, be it theater or music. Grammy and Tony Award winning artists and shows have joined the elite company of CMA and Academy Award winning performers to play their part in turning this fabulous arena into what it is today. The American Music Theatre’s production team has come up with original works and the venue has also catered to other productions like Broadway shows. It has been a magnificent ride for the audience and the company and long may it continue.


Did You Know?

  • The AMT offers both original shows and touring performances.
  • The venue is the only one in the region that caters to original performances and concerts as part of various tours.
  • The arena offers more than three hundred performances every year.
  • The show will be performed by professional artists from across the country.
  • The Christmas show is directed, produced and written by the AMT team itself.