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Known for his distinctive voice and captivating storytelling, Stuart McLean is credited among the internationally recognized authors and presenters. With his high caliber and creativity, he has crafted some of the most cherished works on the ‘modern worldview’ and entertainment. Besides his regular radio program, The Vinyl Cafe, McLean makes stops at theaters across the US and Canada for his live shows. Kicking off his latest show series, he will be visiting different cities in Canada, UK and the US for his interesting live shows. Have a gratifying live experience by attending one of his upcoming shows.

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Stuart McLean


Comedy, Journalism

Notable Works:

The Vinyl Cafe, The Morningside World of Stuart McLean, Vinyl Cafe Unplugged

Career Beginnings

After graduating from Sir George Williams University in 1971, Stuart McLean became associated with the CBC Radio. He made a number of documentaries for the station’s program, Sunday Morning and worked on many other side projects. One of his documentaries made on the subject on the Jonestown massacre won him an ACTRA Award in 1979. With the start of the 80s, he served the show as one of its producers. In addition to his long association with CBC, he worked with the popular show, Morningside as a frequent speaker, columnist and guest host. 

Combining his strong writing skills with his years of expertise, McLean published his first book, The Morningside World of Mclean in 1989. The book ended up being one the Canadian bestsellers and brought McLean widespread critical acclaim. His successive book, Welcome Home: Travels in Smalltown Canada was issued in 1992. It was chosen as the best non-fiction book of 1993 by the Canadian Authors’ Association. This made him one of the most respected authors in the country.

The Vinyl Cafe and Fame

In 1994, Stuart McLean pitched his own radio show, The Vinyl Cafe which was picked by the CBC Radio for its regular broadcasting. McLean’s third overall publishing and first story book of the popular Vinyl Cafe Series came out in 1995 and received an overwhelming commercial and critical response. By 1997, regular season of The Vinyl Cafe was being aired on different Canadian and US radio channels. In 1998, McLean took the concept of his radio shows and performed live to hordes of audiences. Throughout 2000s, McLean regularly hosted his radio show, published a series of acclaimed books and won a number awards for his famous recorded albums.

Recent Ventures

Besides releasing twelve albums based on his comical shows, McLean has recently published the first edition of his new book, Time Now for the Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange. The current book marks the 14th addition in his famous Vinyl Cafe book series. Dealing with the wittiest subjects and common life routines, the book has been hailed as "full of warmth and charm and dignity and real emotion… very beautiful indeed" by the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

McLean on Tour

Continuing his widely lauded show series, Stuart McLean will be sharing the insights about his show and various other life altering experiences during his latest tour. Stuart McLean tickets are the highlight of this season’s popular live show tickets due to the wonderful past record of the show. His live shows deal with the interesting real life situations that are presented through his gifted art of narration and storytelling. Enjoy his amazing routines in one of his live shows lined up at your nearest venue.



Did You Know…

  1. Stuart McLean is a three time Stephan Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour winner.
  2. The Vinyl Cafe airs its transmission on more than 80 US and Canadian radio stations.
  3. In 1990, One of McLean’s books, The Morningside World of Stuart McLean ended up as a finalist at the City of Toronto Book Awards.
  4. In 2004, he won Canadian Authors’ Association Jubilee Award for his book, Vinyl Cafe Diaries.
  5. In 2011, The Vinyl Cafe podcast was chosen as the best during Apple’s “Best of the Year” awards.