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While pianists, drummers and violinists are appreciated for their technical skills, guitarists remain a matter of a rock star, hard and muscular persona. Among these fast and flashy axe-slingers, Steve Vai is the most fascinating with his extraordinary skills. Moreover, he has the calm and composed persona unlike most of the rock stars today. Known as the ‘stunt guitarist’ while he was the member of the Frank Zappa band, Vai has been one of the most sought after performers. He has received three Grammys for exceptional work in his successful career which spans over more than three decades. Steve Vai tickets are in high demand and fans are excited to see their favorite star perform live on stage.

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Steve Vai’s music cannot be categorized into any particular genre. With his extraordinary repertoire of tunes and sounds, always adapting and innovating, Vai continues to explore the spectrum of emotions and passion with his soulful artistry and unrestrained guitar skills. The six-string wizard set the standards for guitar virtuosity in the eighties and continues the inimitable task even today. The distinctive music that Vai produces and his spectacular appearances on stage make Steve Vai tickets a tempting commodity every time the artist is scheduled for a concert.

How it all began

Steve Vai is playing guitar since the age of thirteen. He learnt from the best - Joe Satriani used to be Vai’s coach for guitar lessons. It was not long before Vai started playing in local bands. Steve was influenced by several guitarists of the time including Jimmy Page, Brian May, Glen Buxton and Allan Holdsworth among others. At the age of twenty, Vai auditioned for Frank Zappa and made it to his band in 1979.

The young guitarist then started touring with Zappa and earned titles like ‘Stunt Guitarist’ and ‘Little Italian Virtuoso’. Vai also played on the band’s albums and made quite a name for himself before setting out on his own in 1984. Steve Vai released two self financed records in 1984, titled ‘Flex-Able’ and ‘Flex-Able Leftovers’. Both these albums presented Vai’s own guitar and songwriting abilities but they both had major influence from his previous music skills during his time with Zappa.

The Nineties and Onwards

In 1989, Steve Vai joined Whitesnake and played all the guitar parts for their album. He continued to tour regularly during the nineties and released several records. He also kept writing songs and performing them in his live concerts. Vai also invited his friend and teacher Joe Satriani to join him for his G3 series of tours.

In 2001, Vai released ‘The Astoria’ followed by his performance in Japan in 2002. By 2006 Steve Vai had already performed in Paris, Netherlands and Hollywood.

Even today, Steve Vai’s international fan following rises by the day and his music still remains distinctive and acclaimed worldwide. It doesn’t come as a surprise than Steve Vai tickets are in such high demand. Fans cannot wait to watch this incredible guitarist perform live on stage.


More about the Guitar Virtuoso

  • Vai has made a cameo appearance in the movie Crossroads.
  • Steve Vai is reported to have harvested 900 pounds of honey in 2001 from the bees that he keeps as a hobby.
  • Vai named his younger son Fire.
  • Protagonist of the movie Crossroads and Vai himself were both born and raised in Long Island, New York.
  • In 1991, Vai performed every air guitar solo for the Bill and Ted Bogus Journey.