Steve Hackett Tickets

Steve Hackett’s innovative style and solid grip on genres as diverse as progressive rock and classical, place him among the most versatile musicians of his time. His intricate guitar-playing technique and powerful vocals are enjoyed by countless people. An icon of his kind, Hackett’s music presents a musical crossover of various types. Celebrating the success of his latest album, Hackett is headlining his live shows to various venues in US and Canada. Attend one of his live concerts when your favorite star drops at your city.

Artist: Steve Hackett

Honors: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction, Progressive Music Award

Hit Songs: The Musical Box, Horizon, When the Heart Rules the Mind, Cell 151, A Doll That’s Made in Japan

Start of an Incredible Journey

Hackett played different instruments while growing up and was inspired by classical and opera. Most of his early guitar compositions were influenced by those two genres. His professional music career began when he played with the bands named Sarabande and Canterbury Glass. Merging classical with progressive rock, he developed his unique style and in 1970, joined another band called Quiet World. The group released one album, The Road and in the same year, Hackett left the band to pursue other opportunities.

Genesis to GTR

Steve Hackett joined the band Genesis in December 1970 and impressed the group members by his ‘swift picking’ and inventive ‘tapping’ techniques. Soon gelling in with the band, he became one of the key forces on the band’s records. With Hackett, Genesis released their first album Nursery Cryme in 1971 that reached 39th position on the UK Album charts and became popular with the fans. Their second album, Foxtort came out in 1972 and turned out to be a great success. Peaking at 12 on the charts, it produced hits such as The Return of the Giant Hogweed and The Musical Box. The band packed several venues during their live concerts and emerged as a great touring group. The next studio record, Selling England by the Pound did great on the charts, better than the previous albums and boosted the band’s image. For the later albums, Hackett composed many popular tunes of the Genesis’s songs and toured extensively. During this time artistic differences surfaced among the members. They managed to release Wind & Wuthering, which was a top ten record but tensions between the band mates led Steve Hackett to leave Genesis in 1977. Hackett embarked on a full-time solo career after he left Genesis and released many successful albums. By the mid of 1980s, together with the talented guitarist Steve Howe, Hackett formed the rock band GTR. The band came up with their debut self-titled album that hit the international charts and reached at 11 on the Billboard charts. The band dissolved soon after their first release for unknown reasons.

Solo Success

Steve Hackett achieved widespread commercial and critical acclaim for his solo recordings. His first independent music effort was 1975 album Voyage of the Acolyte that was released during his association with the Genesis. His second and post-Genesis record, Please Don’t Touch came out in 1978 and made its way to several foreign charts including the Billboard. The next album Spectral Mornings was released in 1979 and helped him make his individual mark on the international music scene. Expanding the scope of his music, he introduced some pop elements in his 1981 album Cured. Reaching at fifteen on the UK charts, this album helped in diversifying his fan following. Employing his known classical-guitar sound, Hackett released next two albums, Bay of Kings and Momentum in 1983 and 1988 respectively. The tour for these albums drew hordes of audiences in Europe and America. Mounting sales of Steve Hackett tickets made him one of the hottest touring musicians of the time. During the 90s, Steve Hackett experimented with his music and released many acoustic and electric based albums. 2000s started with the release of Sketches of Satie that he produced by collaborating with his brother, John Hackett. Throughout the decade, his career progressed while he released many successful albums. His latest record is Genesis Revisited II that came out in 2012 and made its way to various international charts.

Steve Hackett Live

Leading an active touring career, Steve Hackett is currently performing live shows in US and Canada as part of his Genesis Revisited Tour. Enjoy the beautiful compositions and wonderful variety that Hackett has for you in the form of his newest hits.


Did You Know…

  1. Steve Hackett was the first Genesis member to release a solo album.
  2. The band’s 8th studio record, Wind and Wuthering was inspired by an English novel Wuthering Heights.
  3. Hackett’s album A Midsummer Night’s Dream was accompanied by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and was a top 10 hit on the UK Classic charts. 
  4. In 2010, Hackett was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  5. He won 2013 Progressive Music Award for Event of the Year.