Sarah Brightman Tickets

A classic soprano at her best, Sarah Brightman is known for her precise vocals, dazzling stage presence and ability to sing in multiple languages. The scope of her music is international and her career is staggering. Often cited as the creator of classic crossover, Sarah’s contribution to the genre is commendable. Currently on road as part of her Dreamchaser World Tour, Sarah is performing in multiple countries including Japan, Korea, China and the US. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy her magical live performances when this diva visits your town.

Artist: Sarah Brightman

Awards: 2 Echo Awards, 2 Grammys, Guinness Book Entry, 180 Gold and Platinum Sales Awards

Hit Songs: Time To Say Goodbye, All I Ask of You, Running, Abide With Me, You and Me

A Bright Start

Sarah is one of those people who are born to sing. Her wonderful talent was revealed when she was a child and soon she began performing. Polishing her skills, she made her theatrical debut in 1973, at the age of 13. In 1976 she joined Hot Gossip, a dance and recording troupe and released a number of collaborative and solo singles. Some of her initial music records include My Boyfriend’s Back and Not Having That which strengthened her repute as a complete entertainer.


Era of Musicals

With her artistry and natural elegance, Sarah took the musical theater to the next level. Her journey in musicals started with her striking role in the Cats. Working under the influence of godfather of the musicals, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sarah performed in a number of theatrical productions such as The Pirates of Penzance, Masquerade and Nightingale.


Her most notable work was her role in the hit musical The Phantom of the Opera which established her as the most influential female figure of the stage. Marrying Webber in 1984, she starred in a variety of his musicals including Requiem, Song and Dance and Aspects of Love. By 1990, she also released folk-rock and musical theater inspired albums like The Songs that Got Away, The Trees They Grow So High and As I Came of Age.


Under the Spotlight

The list of Sarah’s remarkable accomplishments didn’t end with stage. Broadening the scope of her artistic vision, she landed on a professional music career that took her to the peaks of stardom. Her first solo pop record Dive came out in 1993 that included the hit cover song Captain Nemo. This album majorly changed the facade of her musicianship and paved way for her solo success.


Her career thrived with the release of subsequent acclaimed records like Fly, Timeless, La Luna and Harem and Symphony. The duet Time To Say Goodbye, sung with the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli, proved to be an international success and sold millions of copies. Albums like ‘La Luna’ and ‘Harem’ expanded her fan following to Latin and Middle East.


Sarah promoted her music through successful tours which she launched from time to time in major countries of the world. Sarah Brightman tickets witnessed mounting international sales and made her shows the hottest live events of the season. Combining her inspirations and different life experiences, she released her 11th and the latest studio record Dreamchaser in January 2013. The album turned out to be a great commercial and critical success and currently Sarah is performing hits from the album at different venues.


Chase Your Dream!

Dreamchaser inspires the listeners to explore the undiscovered and live their ambitions. Dreamchaser World Tour features irresistible music numbers and rousing performances by the soprano and it’s time for you to enjoy one of her perky concerts.

Did You Know…

  1. Sarah is the world’s highest-selling soprano.
  2. She is the first singer to sing Olympic Games’ theme song twice.
  3. Time To Say Goodbye is Germany’s best-selling single and a worldwide hit with 12 million of sales.
  4. The character of Christine Daae in The Phantom of the Opera was especially created for Sarah.
  5. She is the world’s richest female classic artist.