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Indie music sensations San Cisco will be one of the groups taking to the stage at the famous Queenscliff Music Festival. On top of that, they have just come out with a self-titled album in the U.S. that is getting a lot of positive reviews from every corner. These young immensely talents artists have taken the world of music by storm and if these signs are anything to go by then there is no stopping them from reaching the top. Indie music fans are queuing up to buy San Cisco tickets whenever their favorite band steps on to the stage and with all that San Cisco offers, who can really blame them?

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Name: San Cisco

Genre: Indie Pop and Indie Rock

Band Members: Scarlett Stevens, Josh Biondillo, Jordi Davieson, Nick Gardner

San Cisco have been a breath of fresh air. All four members of the group have diverse music influences which have played a big part in giving their sound a much more electric yet balanced feel. They have certainly started their journey to the top the proper way and if they keep on treading the same path then it won't be too long before they reach their destination.
The Beginning
The seeds for the formation of San Cisco were planted in Western Australia where all four members of the group, Scarlett Stevens, Josh Biondillo, Jordi Davieson and Nick Gardner were studying.  All four of them were at the same school but that wasn't the only thing that linked them together. Music was the biggest common denominator here and that is what brought them together.
What started as friendly jamming sessions turned into performances on a relatively small scale. It was in 2009 that the group was officially incepted. They hit the studio next year and came out with an EP titled “Golden Revolver.” It was met with favorable critical feedback.
Post Golden Revolver
It took San Cisco another three years to come out with their next recording an EP, “Awkward.”  It was another critical success which pushed the group under the spotlight for good. The video of the title song Awkward has been a huge hit among music fans on YouTube, garnering over a staggerring four million hits since being uploaded.
San Cisco were well on their way by now and the time had come for them to release their first studio album.  The album hit the music stores under the Fat Possum Records label and was a major success. San Cisco have been a revelation that have given indie music fans a fresh perspective and a new sound. What started as four music fans coming together to explore their passion for music has now turned into an internationally acclaimed group. This is just the beginning of what will surely be a stellar career.
San Cisco have been at the receiving end of a lot of positive response. Awkward went as a high at seventh spot on the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. It also marked the group's vey first foray into the Hottest 100. The headlining track also scooped both Most Popular Music Video and the Most Popular Single Western Australia Music Industry Awards. San Cisco also earned an Unearthed J Award nomination for its efforts in the year 2011. One year later Triple J listeners voted the group into the the radio channel's Listeners Top 10 Albums Poll.

Did You Know?

  • Scarlett Stevens's father, Phil Stevens incepted Jarrah Records.
  • The group was named King George when it was formed in 2009 but that name was later changed to San Cisco.
  • San Cisco are the first group from Australia to join the ranks of Fat Possum.
  • Nick and Josh also collect other musical instruments and add them to their personal collection.
  • All four members of San Cisco have expertise in different types of music.