Sammy Kershaw Tickets

Commercially successful country artist, Sammy Kershaw has entertained millions of fans for over two decades now. The celebrated musician's mantra has always been about ‘saving the soul of country music'. His work continues to shine through today's populated country scene, reminding the avid fans of what true country music is all about. Sammy has captivated fans not only with his chart topping albums but also through his electrifying live performances. He has extensively toured throughout North America, spreading his magic all around. The country star is all set to enthrall fans once again as he comes to Lafayette, LA. This season, Sammy Kershaw tickets will be all the rage amongst country music fans.

Artist: Sammy Kershaw

Birthplace: Kaplan, Louisiana

Hit Songs: Love of My Life, Meant To Be, National Working Woman's Holiday, Queen of My Double Wide Trailer, She Doesn't Know She's Beautiful

Early Years
Born in 1958 as Samuel Paul Kershaw, the artist developed the passion for honky-tonk music at an early age. His father was an enthusiastic country music fan and wanted Sammy to join the professional music scene as quickly as possible. Therefore, Sammy began learning guitar by the age of eleven. Within a year, he was seen performing live along with other artists at local night joints. He made his stage debut with Louisiana's cherished musician J.B. Pere at the age of twelve.
In his teens, Sammy continued to open shows for celebrated country stars at night clubs while working day jobs. He shared stage with artists like George Jones, Merle Haggard and Ray Price. After fighting with alcohol and drug problems, Sammy went on a music hiatus and started working full-time at Wal-Mart.
Breakthrough Debut
In 1990, Sammy's demo tape landed at the offices of Mercury Records. The recording label quickly signed the artist and gave Sammy his first break that he truly deserved. In 1991, Sammy released his debut album ‘Don't Go Near The Water'. The album was an instant hit with the audiences as well as critics. Sammy's musical style was compared with legendary country star George Jones. The album made it to number seventeen position on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart and reached number five spot on the Billboard Top Heatseekers. It also landed at ninety-five position on the Billboard 200 chart. The album did well in Canada, reaching number five on the RPM Country Albums chart.
Sammy's debut album also produced four chart breaking singles including ‘Anywhere But Here', ‘Yard Sale', ‘Don't Go Near The Water' and number three hit ‘Cadillac Style'. The singles helped the album in selling millions of copies in the US, eventually reaching Platinum status in the country.
Since his debut hit, Sammy has released a total of nine studio albums, seven compilation albums and over thirty singles. Three of his studio albums, ‘Labor of Love', ‘Haunted Heart' and ‘Don't Go Near The Water' have been certified Platinum in the US, where as two studio releases ‘Politics, Religion and Her' and ‘Feelin' Good Train' have been certified Gold.
Sammy's most recent studio album ‘Better Than I Used To Be' was released in 2010. The album received positive reviews from the critics and produced hits like ‘I See Red', ‘The Cover of the Rolling Stone' and title track ‘Better Than I Used to Be'.
The Live Experience
Listening to Sammy live is a spectacular experience for the fans. The artist captivates the crowd with his hypnotic voice and vibrant stage energy. His live performances allure thousands of country lovers from all around North America. This season, the fans will get another chance to witness Sammy live on stage at the Haymann Arts Center in LA. So make sure to a part of this exhilarating musical experience.

Did You Know…


  1. Sammy has run for Louisiana's lieutenant governor several times, but has failed to win yet.


  1. After overcoming serious alcohol and drug problems in 1988, Sammy decided to quit music forever.


  1. Sammy got his first guitar as a gift from his grandfather at the age of eleven.


  1. Sammy got to perform with his country music idol George Jones during his teens.


  1. Sammy Kershaw Foundation for children has managed to distribute more than two million dollars in aid throughout the country.