P.O.D And Flyleaf

P.O.D And Flyleaf Tickets

Unlimited passion and a focused artistic vision bind P.O.D together and direct their musical efforts. Music fads have come and gone but P.O.D has enjoyed a devoted fan following due to their fervent artisanship. On the other hand, Flyleaf combines rich lyricism with great music skills and puts down a record that immediately connects to the listener. This lovely fusion sets them apart from other music groups and awards them a dedicated following. Teaming up for a tour this season, both of the bands will be headlining their shows to different destinations including Los Angeles, Texas and Australia. Get set for a refreshing concert this summer when the band-duo visits your town.

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P.O.D & Flyleaf


Alternative Metal, Hard Rock

Hit Songs by the bands:

Rock the Party (Off the Hook), Youth of the Nation, Alive, Fire Fire, Something Better

A Rocking Summer

Gear up for some blazing hits by the bands this summer as the show guarantees nothing but pure musical fun. The show will just get better with P.O.D and Flyleaf's first collaborative single Something Better. The idea behind this collaboration is to give their fans a special thrill that will be hard to forget. So don't just sit back and prepare for a feisty summer fun as these bands are set to rock your city this season.

Artistic Assemble

The lineup of the tour centers on P.O.D and Flyleaf. Combining their energies and valor, these bands will take the show to the next level. P.O.D was formed in 1992 and instantly got the attention of rock and metal listeners by the great musicality of their songs. The band made their mark by releasing three albums Snuff the Punk, Brown and Payable on Death Live during the years 1994-1997. The group rose to mainstream fame after the launch of The Fundamental Elements of Southtown in 1999. It entered the charts and eventually became a Platinum record. After this, the band had recurring success in terms of their next albums. Satellite came out in 2001 and became a Christian Album chart topper and reached at six on the Billboard 200. The following three albums, Payable on Death (2003), Testify (2006) and When Angels and Serpents Dance (2008) became consecutive chart toppers and boosted the band's image. Murdered Love (2012) celebrated diversity and displayed different moods in the form of rock ballads to squeaky sounds. Maintaining the past success records, the album topped the Christian Album chart and produced hits like ‘Eyez' and ‘Lost in Forever'. Their latest musical effort is the single made with Flyleaf.

Flyleaf became popular right after the launch of their debut self-titled album in 2005. The album churned out many hits like I'm So Sick and All Around Me and was certified as Platinum. The band hit the road and performed at big shows and festivals such as Soundwave Festival and Family Values Tour 2006. The next album Memento Mori was released in 2009 and turned out to be another commercial success by topping the US Alternative and Christian Album charts. By releasing New Horizons in 2012, the band once again clinched the top chart position. The catchy instrumentation and effective harmony of the band make its music worth-listening. The band is set for more successes and ready to win over the hearts of their fans till it exists.

Live Experience

Get the fresh dose of the infectious sound of the bands as they head to your city. Filled with amazing live performances, P.O.D and Flyleaf tour is one of the most entertainment-packed events of the season. P.O.D & Flyleaf tickets are selling like hot cakes as the tour brings two popular bands together.

Did You Know…

  1. Former lead vocalist Lacey chose the name Flyleaf as the term refers to a moment of clarity.
  2. Flyleaf's song ‘Cassie' was featured in The Sims 2 in Simlish.
  3. ‘I'm So Sick' became the soundtrack of the movie ‘Resident Evil: Extinction'.
  4. The bassist Traa Daniels is the oldest member of P.O.D.
  5. Lacey used to be an agnostic till 16 but some supernatural event made her a strong believer.