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One of the most beloved and sought after alternative rock bands of modern day, Pixies has given its fans new beats and tunes to cherish. Currently the band is a quartet of talented vocalists and musicians, named Black Francis, Joey Santiago, David Lovering and Kim Shattuck. The ensemble has an amazing ability to fuse together several distinctive genres of music in a perfect blend. Indie rock, noise rock, surf rock as well as psychedelic beats can be noticed in Pixie’s music. Pixies tickets are available for all the alternative and rock fans to have an unforgettable live concert with nonconventional songs and thumping music beats.

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Trompe le Monde

‘Pixies’ has established its distinctiveness and uniqueness not only in terms of the music that it makes but also in its approach to public exposure and performances. The topics that this group chooses as themes for their songs are also very unusual and unconventional. Touching upon the offbeat subjects, like extraterrestrials and biblical violence, Pixie continues to position itself as one of the unique and bold bands of modern day. The legacy of the band is also apparent in terms of their ability to blend together different genres to make new extraordinary music. With this individuality it is hardly surprising to see Pixies tickets in such high demand for their upcoming concert.

The Early Steps and the Take-Off

The early traces of the formation of Pixies date back to the days when Francis and Santiago used to jam together in their university days. The duo spent the year 1984 in a warehouse, when Francis used to write songs and compose music on his acoustic guitar while traveling in the subway. In 1986, Kim Deal joined the band and the trio formed a band and named themselves as the mischievous little elves, that is ‘Pixies’. Once established as an official entity, the band started performing in bars and in the area surrounding Boston.

It was during one of these performances that the band was spotted by a producer of a renowned production house who took the talented musicians with him. Pixies made a seventeen-track demo of their work which later became renowned as ‘The Purple Tape’. Eight tracks from these were later chosen as the debut album tracks of the band. ‘Come on Pilgrim’ released in 1981 and earned fans’ praise and critical acclaim. Following two years saw two more smash hit albums and engraved Pixie’s name as an unavoidable entity in the world of alternate and rock music.

Ups and Downs & Pixies Today

In 1993 the band broke up. The shock was as huge for the fans as the curiosity for the reasons that led to it, but there was no explanation made. After the band finished, all four members went on to make separate careers and some even released solo records. The band’s popularity however continued to grow in their post breakup period and their music continued to take roots. By 2004, luckily the band members had united once again and as mysteriously as the band broke up, it reunited once again.

 A full tour was announced and the initial concerts were sold out in no time. It appeared as if the band had never gone out of the picture. Pixies then took many more tours after that and continued to add more to their already soaring fan base. In 2013, after a very long gap, the band has finally released an EP in September. With their unblemished records of infectious music and spectacular performances it was not surprising to see the new record going viral. Now with another series of live concerts planned, Pixies tickets are in huge demand once again and fans are buying them like hot cakes.


More about the Pixies

  • The creator of Ziggy Satrdust had entitled the Pixies with ‘Psychotic Beatles’.
  • One of the best uses of a Pixies’ track in a movie is in the climax scene of Fight Club, when the tower collapses.
  • Kim Deal once said that she does not even know many words of the Pixies’ songs and neither have they been ever explained to her.
  • Pixies have also made a cover of the Beatles’ song ‘Wild Honey Pie’ in their 1997 album, At the BBC.
  • In the song ‘La La Love You’ all the members of the bands are involved in the vocals.