Panteon Rococo Tickets

Panteón Rococó's journey to the status they currently enjoy is all about hard work and immense talent coming together. This Mexican band has been performing for just under two decades now and spent quite a few years trying to make their mark globally. That moment arrived with the release of their debut album and they haven't looked back since. They are on a hot roll right now and their unique music is captivating masses everywhere. Panteón Rococó tickets are just as hot as the band itself and it isn't too much of a surprise to see why that is the case.

Name: Panteón Rococó

Place of Origin: Mexico

Genre: Ska

Panteón Rococó might primarily be a ska band but their music is a mixture of all sorts of different elements. Reggae, cumbia, punk and rock all come together to complement their ska based themes to generate a sound that has become the hallmark of this very special group of performers.

The Beginning
Panteón Rococó first became a part of the music fraternity in the year 1995. They originated from Mexico City who has for years been the hub of Mexican culture and music. Some of the band members at the time were friends from school. Gradually as their music exposure grew so did the number of members to complete the line-up. Today, it has reached the point where Panteón Rococó consists of ten fabulously talented artists.

First Few years and Debut
Panteón Rococó began to perform locally on a small scale in and around Mexico. Those performances brought their way some recognition. Four years after their inception, the band hit the headlines with A la izquierda de la tierra, their first album. It contained hit tracks like Marcos Hall, Curame and La dosis perfecta. The album went on to sell in excess of seventy thousand copies to announce their arrival in style.

The New Millennium
2000 saw them take to the stage with ?Manu Chau? to perform in front a whopping one hundred and fifty thousand people gathered in Mexico City?s main square. Panteón Rococó also made their way to the US and Europe that year to showcase their talents at various festivals and other events.

Compañeros Musicales, their second album hit the music stores two years later and went on to sell over one hundred thousand copies in no time at all. The album also was released in American and Latin American markets. The band was on the rise by this time. Tres veces Tres was released in 2004 which was followed by epic tours to countries like United States, Austria, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

2005 till Now
In 2005, the band celebrated its tenth anniversary by releasing a special disc titled Diez años un Panteón muy vivo. Releases like En Vivo, 10 Años: Un Panteon Muy Vivo, Panteón Rococó, Ejército de Paz and most recently Ni Carne Ni Pescado have followed to turn the band into a major attraction everywhere their kind of music is played and heard.

Panteón Rococó is big now. Their music has a wider reach now and they have fans in different parts of the world. Their concerts are well-attended by their fans and Panteón Rococó tickets are usually sold much in advance.

Did you know?

  • The name of the band is inspired from a theatrical play.
  • They have been heading to Europe for the last few years on a regular basis.
  • Their music in Europe is released through Übersee Records, a German based label.
  • A lot of their music is politically oriented.
  • The band's first demo tape was titled Toloache pa´mi negra and was distributed by hand.