North Carolina Symphony Tickets

North Carolina Symphony, with its resourceful facilities is among the most vital orchestra houses of the region. The company has offered exquisite entertainment and vocational services to the natives as well as the visitors for the past eight decades. To pay tribute to its gleaming history and to welcome the future, North Carolina Symphony has lined up a number of classic and fresh works during their countrywide concert series. Enjoy some of the heartwarming symphonies and orchestral pieces by attending one of the company’s upcoming concerts.

Event: North Carolina Symphony tickets

Formation: 1932

Resident Hall: Meymandi Concert Hall

The Journey So Far

North Carolina Symphony was founded in 1932 by some of the music enthusiasts who volunteered to form an organized body. The initial group of unpaid musicians was led by Lamar Stringfield who gave a direction to the company. These musicians presented some concerts at University of North Carolina’s Hill Hall and soon went on an extensive tour. Till 1935, the company had played 140 concerts in different towns throughout North Carolina. Benjamin Swalin took over as the new director after Stringfield.

Under his leadership the company grew in stature and repute. It also became the first company to receive consistent government grants. Throughout the 40s, North Carolina Symphony expanded its reach by a number of educational and outreach programs. The company began extensive touring to lure children and youngsters towards the classical music. Swalin served the company for more than twenty years and in 1972 John Gosling became the new artistic director of the company. The company reached to new levels of acclaim during his tenure.

Gerhardt Zimmermann emerged as the new face of the company in 1982 and pushed the company to new heights of success. With a variety of new programs and musical works, North Carolina Symphony established itself as one of the leading American orchestras. Since 2004, the company is led by Grant Llewellyn.

The Symphony Today

Today, with elaborative education and reward programs, North Carolina Symphony is considered one of the musical powerhouses of the State. Besides these initiatives, the company also holds regular competitions such as Youth Concerto Competition to motivate and inspire the young talent. As part of its outreach programs, the company tours around the US and plays more than 45 free concerts in different schools. The company has also been sponsoring the Triangle Youth Philharmonic, which shares the aims and goals with the company. Utmost passion, commitment and hard work drive the company towards an unending path of success and it continues to make its mark on the popular music.

Conductor and the Team

Adept in multiple instruments and genres, Grant Llewellyn guides North Carolina Symphony with his maturity, vision and artistry. The company has included multiple new routines and undertook many successful ventures under his leadership. Llewellyn has also collaborated with different soloists for a number of critically and commercially lauded symphonic recordings. The resident conductor, William Henry Curry serves as the right hand to Llewellyn. During his eighteen years of career with the Symphony, Curry has assisted and led a number of successful endeavors. Currently he acts as the artistic director of the company’s summer programs.

Besides these two, some of the most important personnel of the company include multi-instrumentalists and soloists. Together as an able ensemble, these musicians create traditional and contemporary works. In addition to playing at the concerts, resident musicians also train the beginners for their professional training.

80th Season Celebrations

Current year marks the 80th anniversary of North Carolina Symphony and the company plans to celebrate it by paying homage to its historic existence. Among its other shows, Holiday Pops, Orchestral Showcase, Cirque de la Symphonie and Bach’s Christmas Oratorio are in the spotlight of this year’s celebration season. North Carolina Symphony tickets sales are skyrocketing after the announcement of its statewide concert series. Be a part of one of the orchestra’s shows to enjoy rich classical pieces.


Did You Know…

  • Grant Llewellyn played football for a semiprofessional team in Italy.
  • Llewellyn has named his dog Raleigh.
  • In the 40s, North Carolina Symphony was named as the ‘Suitcase Symphony’ due to its extensive touring.
  • The company travels an estimated 18,000 miles every year for its regular concert series in North Carolina.
  • In 1943, North Carolina Senate passed a bill to support the Symphony which was called as ‘Horn Tootin’ Bill’.