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Liberal music sense, bold lyrical themes and heavy guitar driven sound highlight the essence of NOFX’s music. The band enjoys mainstream success due to their exclusive style and carefree musicianship. With a music career that extends to more than twenty years, NOFX is one of the most successful independent bands. Hitting the road with the fellow bands such as Dillinger Four, The Implants, Off with Their Heads and Masked Intruder, NOFX will be playing their concerts throughout December 2013. Party hard with your favorite punkers when they make a stop at your city.

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Punk Rock

Hit Songs:

The Decline, Leave It Alone, Separation of Church and Skate, Bottles to the Ground

The Punkers Meet

NOFX was formed in 1983 when two punk rockers, Mike Burkett and Eric Melvin met at the high school. The duo was joined by the drummer, Erik Sandin due to the common music preferences and the trio completed the initial lineup of their band. After recording some of the early demos, the band came up with their first self-titled EP in 1985. It helped in capturing the attention of local listeners and the band played at different gigs. Till 1987, NOFX released two more EPs, So What If We’re on Mystic! and The P.M.R.C Can Suck on This.

Their debut studio record, Liberal Animation came out in April 1988. The originality of the album was hailed by the critics and fans alike. The start of the 90s increased the popularity of the punk and psychedelic rock. Owing to this change, NOXM released several albums and EPs that set them apart from rest of the bands in the business.

Major Success

NOFX shot to fame with the release of their fifth studio record, Punk in Drublic in 1994. The album didn’t chart but sold well in the US and Canada and became a Gold certified record in both the countries. Combining their artistic influences with bold songwriting, the band came up with their sixth album, Heavy Petting Zoo in 1996. It charted in different countries and the group’s music reached to the audiences from around the world. The band also toured to multiple destinations after the success of their albums. NOFX tickets sales skyrocketed and the band packed a number of venues in different countries.

Their following studio album, So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes came out in 1997. Besides earning strong critical acclaim, the album made its way to the music charts and received Gold certification in Canada. The 90s’ decade came to an end with the successful EP titled Decline.

Maintaining the Individuality

The start of the new century opened new era for NOFX as they remained popular on music charts with their consecutive hit albums. With their unique music, they continued to be prominent among other music groups. Hit records such as Pump Up the Voluum, the US Independent Albums chart topper – The War on Errorism, Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing and Coaster kept their music resonated with the fans. Self Entitled, being their latest studio album, was released in September 2012.

NOFX Live!

Nothing brings more joy to the fans than watching their beloved punkers croon live. NOFX’s concerts are packed with high energy, unbeatable guitar strumming and enticing music. With a number of concerts lined up for December 2013, NOFX will be hitting multiple venues along with other bands across the US. Attend one of their live shows in your city to enjoy their energetic performances.


Did You Know…

  • NOFX has sold over 6 million records without a major label.
  • One of the band’s songs, The Decline is the second longest punk song recorded ever.
  • The band’s song, Separation of Church and Skate was featured in the popular game, Tony Hawk’s Underground.
  • Due to their rebellious nature, NOFX refused to play their music videos on popular channels like MTV, VHI and others.
  • Fat Mike, NOFX’s has his own music label by the name of Fat Wreck Chords.