Nine Inch Nails Tickets

Experimental music and provocative lyrical themes are some of the hallmarks of Nine Inch Nails. Due to their cutting-edge style, the group is credited to be one of the pioneers to introduce industrial rock and metal to the masses. Their live performances present an incredible mix of visual elements and evocative music that make their shows a unique musical experience. Nine Inch Nails is back on the road with the release of its latest record Hesitation Marks and will be playing at different venues. Enjoy their energetic music numbers when the group stops in your city.

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Artist: Nine Inch Nails

Hit Songs: Hurt, Sin, Wish, Happiness in Slavery, 12 Ghosts II

Awards: 2 Grammy Awards, 2 Kerrang! Awards, Academy Award

Nine Inch Nails- Birth

Led by the multitalented and multi-instrumentalist Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails emerged as a groundbreaking music force in the late 80s. Before its formation, Reznor played with the popular band of that time, Exotic Birds. Meanwhile he began recording demo tapes for his original song Purest Feeling that served as a cornerstone to the band’s first album.


The demo was appreciated by the authorities of the record label TVT Records and Reznor ended up signing a deal with the label. NIN’s debut record Pretty Hate Machine was released in 1989 and it entered the Billboard charts. The album became extremely popular with the listeners and turned out to be a Triple-Platinum record in the US.


Fame and Expansion

This first success was just the beginning of their remarkable music journey. With his profound vision and talent, Reznor produced several genre-defining albums and took the band to the peak of success and fame. Their second album, The Downward Spiral came out in 1994 and landed at number two on the Billboard 200. This Multi-Platinum record paved way for the musical expansion of the band and helped establish their ingenious style.


Their next album, The Fragile was released in 1999 and topped the Billboard chart. Earning critical praise for its musicality, the album marked a radical shift in the band’s popularity. The following record, With Teeth was full of personal references and Reznor’s take on self-exploration. It was released in 2005, six years after their last studio album and proved to be a great success. Topping the charts, this new album broadened the spectrum of their international prominence.


After mid-2000s, NIN released various commercially successful albums like Year Zero, Ghost I-IV and The Slip. All of these records kept them alive in the contemporary music scene. Besides launching these hit albums, the band also toured several countries around the world and promoted their music. Nine Inch Nails tickets sold with the blink of an eye as they emerged as an active touring group in that period.


The band took a break from recording and touring after 2008 and then Hesitation Marks was digitally released in February 2013. Nine Inch Nails performed in several music festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival and Lollapalooza and has also confirmed dates for their 2013-14 world tour. 


The One Man Show!

Throughout the NIN’s professional career, Trent Reznor has been the binding force for the band and the only permanent member. With his unmatched artistry, he sailed the music ship throughout the successful voyage of the band. Serving the group as its singer, instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, Reznor took the band to the position it stands at today.


Tension 2013

This year has brought the band back into the business and it has lined up a number of shows at major venues in different countries. The group will play their classic and newest hits during their latest tour which they have named as Tension 2013. Look for the show dates in your city and don’t miss their electrifying performances this season!

Did You Know…         

  1. Nine Inch Nails is among the Rolling Stone’s list of “100 greatest artists of all time”.
  2. Their album Downward Spiral ranked at 25 on the Spin Magazine’s list of “100 Greatest Albums, 1985-2005”.
  3. Reznor has won an Oscar for the music score of 2010 film The Social Network.
  4. Their music video of Happiness in Slavery is one of the most offensive videos and was banned on TV.
  5. Nine Inch Nails has sold over 30 million records across the world.