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A three member acoustic band hailing from Vista, California, Nickel Creek has been active in the music industry since 1989. Their five years in the music industry have spawned six albums and a Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album. Following a hiatus in which the trio took a break from Nickel Creek, the band has announced it is back together and plans to release a new album this year. Tour dates have been announced in support of the album so Nickel Creek tickets are very much in demand for fans that have been waiting for the band to reunite. 

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Nickel Creek


Progressive Bluegrass


Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins, Chris Thile 

Chris Thile, Sean Watkins and Sara Watkins comprise Nickel Creek. Thile plays the mandolin, Sean Watkins plays the guitar and Sara Watkins performs on the fiddle, giving the band the elements required to make beautiful acoustic music together. The trio focuses on progressive bluegrass and their music is epitomized by its acoustic sound.

Early Years:

The trio first met in 1989 when they attended the same bluegrass show with their parents. Following the show, the three children professed an interest in music and enrolled together in music classes. They decided to form a band and played their first gig as Nickel Creek at That Pizza Place, where Scott Thile (Chris’s father), performed along with them.

The trio started playing small gigs and bluegrass festivals in their early years. As they slowly received recognition in the local circuit, they decided to record an album. Their first effort was the 1993 album, Little Cowpoke, which was followed by a second album, Here to There, in 1997.

Mainstream Success:

Nickel Creek achieved mainstream success with the release of their third album in 2000. The eponymous, Nickel Creek, was a major commercial and critical hit for the band and peaked at number thirteen on the Billboard’s Country Chart. Produced by Alison Krauss, it was a contemporary bluegrass album and was nominated for two Grammy Awards, Best Country Instrumental Song and Best Bluegrass Album. The album went on to peak at the number two spot on the US Indie chart and has been certified platinum in the United States.

Following their success with Nickel Creel, the band was under pressure to live up to the hype and success of their previous album. Their 2002 album, The Side managed to do just that. The album was a major success and reached number two on the Billboard’s country chart, and peaked at number one on the Bluegrass and Indie charts. It was certified as gold in the United States by the year’s end and won the band their first Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album.

In 2005 the band released Why Should the Fire Die?, which was a little different to the band’s previous work. The album had more a more pop and rock oriented sound than the trio’s previous work, but it still reached the number one spot on the Indie and Bluegrass charts. It was also the trio’s first album to break into the top twenty on the Billboard 200 chart, when it reached number seventeen on the chart. Following the album, the individual members decided to take a hiatus from Nickel Creek so that they could focus on their solo careers.

After a seven year hiatus, during which the three members went on to pursue successful solo careers, Nickel Creek has decided to reunite. The trio announced the release of a new album, A Dotted Line, for April 2014 and has announced tour dates for a major tour in support of their upcoming album. Nickel Creek tickets will allow you to watch the one of the most talented Bluegrass bands of recent times, live in action as they perform in major venues all across the country. 


Interesting Facts:

  • When Nickel Creek had their first official performance, Sean Watkins was only twelve.
  • Sean is Sara Watkins’s older brother.
  • TIME Magazine named the trio as one of the "Five Music Innovators of the Millennium" in 2009.
  • The name of the band stems from a song by Byron Berline, who was the fiddle instructor for Sara Watkins.
  • The band has been nominated for the prestigious Best Vocal Group Award at the CMAs.