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Neutral Milk Hotel’s music presents a brisk blend of thoughtful lyrics, tuneful compositions and experimental sound. The band is one of the pioneers of the indie pop and has captivated a variety of music lovers with their inventive musicianship and style. The current year puts an end to 13-year hiatus of the band and Neutral Milk Hotel will headline their live concerts in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the US. Join the band in one of their shows and feel the original stage vibe and energy in their live performances!   

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Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel

Genre: Indie Pop, Lo-fi

Hit Songs: Song Against Sex, Holland, 1945, The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One


Neutral Milk Hotel started primarily as a recording project for the singer and songwriter Jeff Mangum in the late 1980s. Before forming a band out of the moniker, Mangum collaborated with his friends under the name of The Olivia Tremor Control. He also released some solo cassettes and singles with the label of Milk and performed in various gigs. After 1990, Mangum recorded different demos and experimental tapes that served as the basis of his first organized release. In 1994, Neutral Milk Hotel released its first EP Everything Is that turned out to be a moderate success. The first full-fledged studio record On Avery Island came out in 1996. The album was not a commercial success but helped the band made a mark on the flourishing indie music scene. This encouraged Mangum and his friends to work for their next album.


Combining their ingenious songwriting and effective instrumentation, Neutral Milk Hotel released their second studio album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea in 1998. The record received positive reviews from the music critics for its fresh musicality and strong lyrical themes. The album also became popular with the listeners and the group emerged as a new musical force. Extensive touring began after the album became a huge success. The band played in a number of live concerts and co-headlined shows with different renowned bands. But this didn’t prove to be favorable for the band and it abruptly disbanded in 1999. Some of the band mates remained active in different projects for the coming years but not on regular basis.

Re-releases and Back to Basics

After the Neutral Milk Hotel’s indefinite hiatus, Mangum collaborated with his old friends of The Olivia Tremor Control for their second album. In 2001, Orange Twin Records released an album titled Major Organ and the Adding Machine that featured most of Mangum’s songs. He also performed in some live shows with his partnering groups. Other band members also embarked on their solo projects and recorded under the labels like The Gerbils and The Music Tape. Their past record, Everything Is was re-released in the early 2000s. An album comprising their live performances titled Live at Jittery Joe’s was also launched which caused a stir among the listeners. In 2010 Magnum made frequent live appearances and toured multiple locations. In April 2013, the band members officially announced their reunion and later their tour dates were also revealed. Fans got all excited and Neutral Milk Hotel tickets became popular among other event tickets. 

The Talented Lineup

Besides Jeff Mangum as its front-man, the band includes Julian Koster, Scott Spillane and Jeremy Barnes. The quartet, with their shared chemistry and talents know how to entertain audiences and once again will be doing so in their upcoming live concerts. With a refined sound, the group is once again set to bring their charisma to the stage.


Did You Know…

  1. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea sold 300,000 records within a short period of its release.
  2. Their second album was inspired by the real story of a holocaust victim Anne Frank.   
  3. Most of the songs that Mangum wrote were based on a recurring dream that he had about a Jewish family.
  4. One of the band members, Julian, used to sell pretzels before playing music.
  5. Mangum also played drums with the band named Circulatory System.