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The fifties teen pop sensation and today’s legendary artist Neil Sedaka recently performed a successful concert at Eisenhower Park in front of an energetic crowd. The concert was free to the public, and much to the delight of fans Neil Sedaka was included in the lineup after another singer dropped out. The chart topper artist ensured to entertain his audiences with exciting songs as the audience danced throughout his performance. With a successful career spanning more than five decades, the artist still refuses to slow down and is still on his way to enthrall thousands with his musical talents.


Neil Sedaka




Top Hits:

Oh Carol

Laughter in the Rain

Bad Blood

Now 74, Neil Sedaka has multiple awards and honors in his pockets for his incredible talents. The pop and rock singer, songwriter, author, composer and pianist has penned at least 500 songs and sold millions of records. He has been able to maintain his incredible entertaining power, both as a teen sensation in the fifties and sixties, and also as a mature rock and pop singer since the seventies. His works still continues to inspire and fascinate his fans. For his upcoming concerts the Neil Sedaka tickets are in high demand as fans are impatient to watch their favorite star’s thrilling live performance.

The Beginning of a Lasting Star

A natural from the start, Neil Sedaka was already a piano prodigy by the time he turned eight. He continued to pursue his music interests through school and college. In 1952, Sedaka met the then sixteen-year old Howard Greenfield, a young poet. The two started writing songs together, a collaboration that would continue throughout the eighties. Being the star that he was, Sedaka started his high school band under the name of ‘The Tokens’. The band released two singles that became regional hits. Neil Sedaka embarked on his solo career in 1958 when he wrote his first international smash hit, ‘Stupid Cupid’. The same year he joined the talent at 1650 Broadway and started off his journey to the heights of success. By 1963 Sedaka had already sold more than 25 million records. The next two years brought into limelight another of Sedaka’s exceptional talents. He recorded and released songs in Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Hebrew while he toured all over the world.

Writings for other Artists

Neil Sedaka has not only written blockbuster hits for himself, but many of his works have been performed by several notable artists including Connie Francis and The Captain & Tennille. Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield wrote the incredibly popular ‘Stupid Cupid’ for Connie Francis which reached number fourteen on the Billboard Charts. The duo wrote many songs for Francis after that. This included ‘Fallin’ and ‘Where the Boys Are”. Similarly Jimmy Clanton has also sung many of the songs by Sedaka and Greenfield which made to the top of the charts. Some notable mentions are ‘Another Sleepless Night’, ‘All the Words in the World’ and ‘What Am I Gonna Do?’ Sedaka also performed with Clanton on some of the songs himself. Sedaka’s songs for Toni Tennille include his no. 1 hit ‘Love Will Keep Us Together’, which became the biggest hit of 1975.

The Highs and the Lows

Neil Sedaka has been an exceptional artist all his life. He has experienced two distinct phases, first as a teenage sensation in the beginning of his career and then as a mature polished rock musician in his later years. But this entire journey has not been very smooth; rather Sedaka has had a number of ups and downs. The sixties and seventies Beatlemania slowed down his success by a great deal, but the incredibly gifted artist did not give in. He changed his writing partner for songs in an attempt to be more relevant with the trends. Sedaka also moved onto the popular music routines for rock music. The decisions proved to be successful and by the start of seventies Neil Sedaka was back on top as king of rock and pop. The amazingly talented star is still geared up and he is scheduled for another live concert for which the Neil Sedaka tickets are selling hot.


More bits about the Star…

  • Neil Sedaka was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame in 1983 and Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2006.
  • He has also served as a judge on American Idol in 2003.
  • Sedaka has been a student at Juilliards.
  • He wrote his 1959 top-10 hit song “Oh Carol” for his girlfriend, Carole King.
  • Neil Sedaka has also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.