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One of the most prominent progressive bands on the music scene today, ‘Moe.’ has a career covering around three decades. The five talented musicians with their distinctive abilities of vocals and instruments continue to push the standards for music and performing arts. Moe. has a very loyal fan following both nationally and internationally, which grows multiple folds every year. The band is not only renowned and loved for the unique music that they produce, but also for the energized fun filled performances that are displayed by the band members on each performance.




Progressive Rock

Psychedelic Rock

Compilation Album:

Smash Hits Volume 1 (2010)

With seventeen smash hit albums in its repertoire in a career extending almost three decades, the musical band Moe. has indeed established itself as an undeniable entity in modern day music arenas. From their modest start to today’s celebrity status, the band has stayed true to its goal of delivering honest, heartfelt music. Their incredibly unpretentious style has earned them thousands of fans which continue to increase in number every year. Moe. tickets are greatly in demand and bought by the fans as the performances by Moe. are as much a delight for the eyes as they are for the ears.

The journey to ‘Moe.’

One of the most interesting things that the band experienced in its early couple of years was the constant switching and modification of their name. Dating back to its informal formation in 1989 and official appearance as a group in 1990, the group called itself ‘Five Guys named Moe.’. Sometime in 1990 the band also began to be known as Haggis but that identity was very short lived, the ensemble quickly moved onto simply ‘moe.’. In 1991 when all members of the band happened to be guitarists, they gained fame as ‘moe. guitar army’. In 1992 with its first block buster release the band finally established itself as ‘Moe.’.

The Current Line-up

The band consists of five exceptionally talented musicians; Al Schnier and Chuck Garvey are both guitarists and vocalists, Jim Loughlin handles percussions and vibes, Vinnie Amico is on Drums and Rob Derhak on bass and vocals as well. Exceptional critical acclaim and extensive national and international fan base has earned the band fame and recognition for its remarkable music and spectacular performances. Moe. has toured across the globe, shared stages with some of the most celebrated acts like Allmans and Robert Plant, as well as it has headlined many festivals. But despite being amidst other exceptional music identities, Moe. has always been able to maintain its distinctive identity. The vitality of the quintet’s songwriting as well as live on-stage performances is unmatched and inimitable by any other act in the music arenas.

Moe. Today

Even after more than twenty years in the business, Moe. does not reflect any nostalgia or any inclination to revisit the past. The band still describes itself as the rock and roll band without any reservations whatsoever. With a continuously innovative approach Moe. members always have something to surprise and inspire their audiences with. Their on spot modifications and improvisations distinguish the band and proves their incredible music abilities. The catalogue of the band includes everything from well-constructed song crafting to conversational, fluid influences. Their repertoire has a wide array of genres, ranging from straightforward Americana influences to buoyant South African and Jamaican inflections. With their ever brief association with a record label, the band has proved that a music creator can only excel if he has control over all aspects of their work, independently. Breaking the trajectories of traditional rock bands as well, Moe. has demonstrated time and time gain their ability to extend beyond a specific genre of music and creating wonderful music in the process. Moe. tickets are duly justified as their demand increases every time they are scheduled to perform live.


More about Moe…

  1. The period added at the end of the band’s name is to distinguish itself from a Brooklyn band registered with the same name.
  2. The first major breakthrough by the band was the Fatboy in 1992.
  3. Moe has also participated in various fund raising activities for charity purposes.
  4. The Tsunami Benefit Concert earned Moe. An award for Live Performance of the Year at the Sixth Annual Jammy Awards.
  5. Moe has also taken part in many festivals including moe.lennium, moe.down and moe.Cruise.