Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis Tickets

Do you want to attend a show in which you can actually be a part of the act? Pairing comedy with hypnosis, Marc Savard has been presenting his genius on stage for quite some time, and now he is coming to Vegas. Staged at Planet Hollywood’s V Theatre, “Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis” has been labeled as the “Best Comedy Hypnosis” show of Las Vegas. The Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis tickets for the upcoming series of shows have now been made available. With his free flow talent of making simplest of situations hilarious, Savard will conquer the volunteer’s brain and make him/her do what he desires. Looking for something crazy? This is your show.


Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis


V Theatre – Planet Hollywood


Marc Savard

There and Back Again

Marc Savard, one of the best hypnotists that Las Vegas has produced, self taught himself to everything he has achieved today. He debuted on stage as the youngest pro hypnotist of the world. By late teens, Savard was already a guru of mesmerizing people, a complicated art that only a few can master. By the age of 21, he was performing more than 200 stage performances every year across the world – by 23, he was hanging between life and death. One fateful evening, he got hit by a drunk driver and was left crippled, with fractured skull and severely injured back. For what felt like an eternity to him, Savard fought for his life. Following the accident, Marc Savard had to leave his beloved stage. During this time, he devoted his “powers” in hypnotizing himself. End results were shocking. He defied his medical results and diagnosis and everything that his grim doctors had predicted about his future life and made a shockingly quick recovery. Without the use of medication, he was able to control his pain by instructing his mind towards diversions. In only six months, Savard was seen back on stage, this time performing with a passion that was never there before – the kind of passion that is lit by the spark that ignites by coming so close to death, and yet surviving – Marc had been there and was back again. It was evident from these life changing events that Marc had the abilities unlike others.

The Vow and the V Theatre

Marc Savard, referring to his talent said in one of his interviews that from day one, he “vowed to use his powers only for the good”. And he has remained true to his promise. He has created an international program in which he teaches high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving. He helps world class athletes to safely bring back home their medals of honor. Thus, he has been successful in manipulating the minds of others for the greater good. In 2007, Savard stepped on the V Theatre stage for the very first time and has returned to the venue every now and then to witness sold out shows. Apart from his regular performances across the world, Savard is also the cofounder of the popular “International Institute of Hypnosis”. Here, the mighty art of hypnotizing the audiences is taught. That is yet another thing about him that is unlike any other “magician” of his field, he doesn’t keep his secrets – he gives them away.

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis, the Show

In his 75 minutes of interactive performance, Marc Savard leaves his audiences mesmerized, laughing out loud. In the start of every show, he runs a small test among the audiences to check their state of minds. Through this test, he determines the people who are currently in the right state of mind to volunteer on stage. Once a specific number of people are selected, they are called on upon the stage, where they are told to sit down in chairs. There onwards, he runs several relaxation techniques on them. He tells them that they are all orchestra musicians. Once the selected volunteers start playing their fake instruments, it is a signal that they are ready for performing the series of crazy tasks that Savard is about to ask of them. You can either be the part of the laughing audience, or volunteer and be the show yourself – it is entirely your choice.


More about Hypnosis

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  • Mount Sinai, a medical school helps in relieving cancer patient’s pain through hypnosis.
  • Every night when you go to sleep, you go through a brief natural hypnosis process.
  • Hypnosis is not possible without the willingness and consent of the volunteer.
  • Once hypnotized, whatever you do will remain in your memory, unless during that period of hypnosis you agree to forget it all.