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Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Tickets

Hip-hop sensations, ‘Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ duo, is still blazing its way into the hearts of fans all over the country and the world for that matter. The talented musicians are holding live concerts across the country. The two emerged from Seattle in 2006 and rose to becoming an international heartthrob group with their incredible music and beautifully crafted performances. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tickets are available for their future performances, and fans are excited to buy them before the stocks run out.

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis


Hip-Hop/ Rap

Popular Album:

The Heist (2012)

The duo, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, shattered the traditional idea that only a record label can promise success. They released their first full-length album, ‘The Heist’, without any support from any record label and it went on to become certified Gold. It became number one on iTunes’ slot and reached the top of the Billboard charts as well. Their first two singles also proved to be instant hits and topped the Hot 100 chart. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tickets are in high demand because fans are excited to see the talented duo perform in a live concert.

Macklemore- The first half

Macklemore is an exceptionally talented rapper, who has his own signature ways of crafting innovative music beats. Appearing on the scene in 2000, he has independently released a mixtape, three EPs and two smash hit albums. Although the rapper is a self-made star, who has garnered immense fan following without the help of any record label, he has significantly collaborated with producer Ryan Lewis for majority of his work. Macklemore has also tested and excelled at writing lyrics. He was only fourteen years old when he started writing songs. Macklemore also wanted to reach a younger audience through his work, so he became part of ‘Gateways for Incarcerated Youth’ program which focused on the development of cultural identity and education. He facilitated music workshops for children and worked diligently for the aims of the organization as well.

Ryan Lewis- The other half

The collaboration of the duo started with a friend request on My Space. Lewis and Macklemore teamed up in 2008 and went on to have great success together. Ryan is a producer as well as a DJ and musician himself. Lewis has his own popular album Instrumentals, and has also directed and mixed all of the duo’s music. He is also adept in designing promotional graphics for the duo’s releases, including posters, photographs and web designs. Ryan Lewis also developed a passion for music around the age of fifteen and started playing guitar in rock bands. In 2006 he became a professional photographer, and two years later he joined his music and photography talents with his producing abilities and started off the much successful collaborative project with Macklemore.

What Next?

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore have a history of absolutely thrilling and unforgettable live concerts. Their innovative and original music, interesting videos and media that they also sometimes bring on stage with them, give their concerts a memorable uplift. The expertly crafted beats and electrifying stage performances leave their audiences breathless every time the duo comes on stage. In the upcoming concerts by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, there is news of Mary Lambert performing on one of the concert with the duo as well. Talib Kweli, TBA as well as Big KRIT are also among the music artists scheduled to perform with the sensational two in their forthcoming live concerts. Touring across the country, some of the scheduled spots of performance for the group are Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Raleigh. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis tickets are selling hot for all their scheduled performances and fans are impatiently waiting for their favorite artists to perform live on stage.


Did You Know…

  1. The duo’s song ‘Thrift Shop’ released in 2013 was the first song since 1994 to reach No. 1 on Billboard 100 without the support of any major record label.
  2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis is the first duo ever to have its first two songs reach number one on Hot 100 Chart.
  3. ‘Thrift Shop’ has also won the Billboard Music Award for Rap Song of the Year in 2013.
  4. The duo has also given live studio performances on The Colbert Report and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  5. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis shot the video for their latest music release, White Walls, at Vogue Tire warehouse.