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Los Aldeanos, the sensational rap duo are about to embark on an epic tour. The road trip will see them perform at venues not only in the United States but Europe, Australia and Canada as well. These two amazing rappers have taken a different than normal path to stardom by starting off performing underground and remaining that way. They are unique and fans know that. It is one of the biggest reasons why Los Aldeanos tickets are always so highly sought after.

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Information Box

Name: Los Aldeanos

Place of Origin: Havana, Cuba

Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop


Los Aldeanos is different. Everything they do has a feel that varies from what people normally expect to see. That is arguably because of where they originated from so a lot of their music has revolved around that. It wasn't always smooth sailing for them but they stuck at it and have finally been able to make their mark on the global stage.
The Beginning
Los Aldeanos started off in Havana as one of the members of the underground rap movement that was taking shape in Cuba.  It was in the 1990's that two friends Brian Oscar Rodriguez Gala and Aldo Roberto Rodriguez Baquero got together to rap as Los Aldeanos. At a time when hip-hop was becoming popular and making its way to mainstream music, these two guys were going in the opposite direction by going underground.
The political and economic climate of Cuba played a huge part in them shunning the limelight as mainstream musicians. Their music was all about bringing change and breaking barriers. They didn't go and get registered with the Cuban Rap Agency, the entity funded by the government geared towards providing rappers with the platform to shine. A lot of their music was considered to be against national policies so they had to keep low and perform underground.
Regional Success
The duo first took to the stage in the year 2003 officially as the group. They first took to the stage on 27th February, 2003. It was a low key beginning but one that set them on their way.
Los Aldeanos then went on to perform at the “Park Almendares” later that year and slowly but surely word began to spread about two young rappers. Their popularity increased just by word of mouth because they didn't have any support from government agencies. Los Aldeanos then went on to record their debut album titled “Censurado.” That was followed by “Poesia Esposada” next year.
Both these albums did fairly well and helped Los Aldeanos develop a cult following. The duo then went on to perform at various events like the “Hip-Hop Symposium” and “Habana Hip-Hop.” Their star was rising fans and fans began to turn up in thousands every time they performed. People began to connect to what they were trying to say and with the message their music was delivering. That bond enabled them to keep going.
International Recognition
They were now very big in Cuba but still had to make their mark as an international force. That big moment arrived in the year 2006 when they were a part of New York Times as a front cover of an article in the entertainment section of the publication. That was the big break they were looking for and when Univision dubbed them revolutionaries of the revolution, they really took off.
Los Aldeanos made their new found fame beyond Cuban boundaries count. Rap fans in the U.S. began to sit up and take notice and the duo didn't disappoint. They began to take part in various collaborations as well. Their album “Poesia y Corazon” came out and took their popularity further. Los Aldeanos have since gone on to release epics like “Inedito,” “Comision Depuradora Vol. 1,” “Comision Depuradora Vol. 2,” “Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Vol. 1 (Dr. Jekyll),” “Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde Vol. 2 (Mr. Hyde),” “El Atropello,” “Viva Cuba libre,” “Desacato” and “Tribu Los Mokoyas” among others to cement their status as a truly special Latin rap duo.

Did You Know?

  • Los Aldeanos means The Villagers if translated into English.
  • They have remained underground even when they could have left that world to make tons more money.
  • A lot of their albums haven't ever been released officially.
  • There were only around five people at their first performance.
  • Some documentaries have also been made on Los Aldeanos.