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Creating remarkable music and producing hit after hit since 1994, Kottonmouth Kings still refuse to let go of their music reign. With their thirteenth album “Mile High” released last year, the rap-rock group has yet again proved their outstanding talent. Fans are still as excited to buy Kottonmouth Kings tickets as they used to be in the early times, proving that the group has not only been able to maintain its popularity but also its music standards.

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Kottonmouth Kings

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Kottonmouth Kings portray themselves as a ‘psychedelic' band mainly focusing on punk rock and hip-hop genres. The group was officially formed in 1994, by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds who were already into music. The gateway to public popularity for the band was their song ‘Suburban Life', which was also featured as the soundtrack of the horror movie Scream 2.
A Little About the Kings
The band belongs to Placentia, California. The front man of the band is Daddy X (real name Brad Xavier) who is also the founder and singer of Humble Gods and former singer of Doggy Style. Another member is Lou Dog, also the singer of Humble Gods and former drummer of Doggy Style. Others include Johnny Richter, Taxman, D-Loc (Dustin Miller), DJ Bobby B and the latest member to come on board, The Dirtball (David Alexander).
One of the founding member of the band, Saint Dog, remained part of the band till its first three releases. He appeared on the first full length studio album by the band “Royal Highness” as well as on their first EP ‘Stoners Reeking Havoc”. Another group member, Patrick Pakelika Cochrun died in 2012 of cardiac arrest due to severe asthma attack, at the age of thirty-four.
From ‘Royal Highness' to Real Heights
In 1997 the Kottonmouth Kings released their first five-track EP CD, titled ‘Stoners Reeking Havoc', followed by their first studio album “Royal Highness” in 1998. The single “Bump” from the album made it to the Top 30 on the Hot Modern Rock chart. In 1999, after Saint Dog left the band and Richter replaced him, the Kottonmouth Kings released “Hidden Stash”, followed by “High Society” in 2000. The popular single, Peace Not Greed from the album reached number 37 on Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart and also climbed up The Billboard Top 200 at no. 65. Turn of the millennium brought the sequel “Hidden Stash II: The Kream of the Krop” that managed to secure no. 100 on the Billboard 200.
The talented group of musicians continued touring the country in the meantime, increasing their fan following and gaining national and international popularity.  Kottonmouth Kings shared stages with 311, Jane's Addiction, Green Day, Cypress Hill and several others. “Fire It Up”, released in 2004, became the most successful album of the group. The band continued to produce some incredible music and gave several chart topping hits.
“Mile High”
Kottonmouth Kings released their thirteenth studio album “Mile High” in August last year. It's a travel back to the rap and rock world, along with a reunion with Saint Dog after all these years. The infectious energy that has been the hallmark of the band is evident in this new album through the contagious rhymes and aggressive instrumentals.
Get Out The Way ensures that punk rock still breathes through the album, while Hold It In brings forth some heavy Dubstep. There is a lot of diversity in the album to be enjoyed. Known for writing songs that incorporate drug usage, Kottonmouth Kings also have a single, titled Roll Us A Joint in the album. One can find hip-hop and punk rock music alongside alternative rock and mellow acoustics in this new album too.
After all these years, the Kottonmouth Kings are still ruling the rap-rock world bringing new albums and energetic concerts to entertain their fans.

Some More on the Band…

  1. Kottonmouth Kings headlined at the Cannabis Cup in 2006, and were also titled “Band of the Year” by High Times.
  2. The EP “Legalize it” released in 2011, challenges the war against drugs and champions the legalization of weed.
  3. The summer tour of 2005 had to be postponed because D-Loc sustained a leg injury.
  4. “Fire It Up” (2004) and “Long Live the Kings” (2010) were both released on the stoner's holiday, 4/20.
  5. Pakelika was known as the ‘masked-dancer' of the band and the crazy guy Taxman was labeled the ‘anti-hero' in Kottonmouth Kings' performances.