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Impeccable technique, melodic tunes and graceful style has made Kenny Barron a true music icon. His elegance and uniqueness lists him among the most influential figures of the recent time. With a career that spans more than five decades, Barron has fashioned and refined the modern jazz with his hundreds of music records. Barron's life-long devotion and love for music brings him near his fans as he leads many orchestras and plays as a soloist even today. Barron has lined up a number of live shows for his listeners this season. Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola and Kenny Barron/Dave Holland duo are some of the events that are soon coming your way.

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Kenny Barron


Pianist, Arranger, Composer

Hit Albums:

Sunset to Dawn, People Time, The Traveler

Awards and Nominations

Mac Lifetime Achievement Award

Six time winner of the Jazz Journalist Association for Best Pianist

Winner of the jazz critics and readers polls such as Downbeat, Jazziz and Jazz Times

An American Jazz Hall of Fame Inductee

Nine time Grammy Award nominee

Early Years and Success

Kenny Barron's love for music grew with age and he channeled his passion through piano. Playing during his childhood years, Barron became a part of the organized orchestra named Mel Melvin at fifteen. The orchestra also included his late brother and tenor saxophonist Bill Barron. His musicianship matured after he honed his skills by teaming up with musicians like Philly Joe Jones, Jimmy Heath and Yusef Lateef. Barron well employed his talents of composing and arranging in Lateef's album Centaur and the Phoenix that came out in 1960. Kenny Barron continued playing with the artists like Roy Haynes and James Moody and in 1962 became a part of the band Dizzy Gillespie. For the next five years, he reinvented his style and toured with the band to destinations including England and France. By that time, Barron was popular for his artistry and great style, hence decided to try other avenues as well.

Solo Career, Music Ventures and Recordings

Inspired to do something different, Kenny Barron completed his Bachelors in Music from Empire State College. His career took another turn when he released his first recording Sunset to Dawn as a solo artist in 1974. This marked the start of his remarkable music journey as the leader and soloist that continues to date. Working in collaboration with the musicians like Ben Riley and Buster Williams, Barron formed a trio in the late seventies. The trio played with many renowned jazz musicians and recorded a number of albums. With the start of the new decade, Barron teamed up with the high-flying musician and saxophonist Stan Getz. The duo toured and led their quartet in the coming years. Within that period, Barron along with Getz, recorded a couple of albums like Serenity, as well as Grammy nominated, People Time and Anniversary. Apart from the collaborations, Barron has a prolific music career as a leader. His recordings include The Traveler (2008), Images (2004), Canta Brasil (2003), Freefall (2002), Night and The City (1998) and Things unseen (1997). Most of the records earned him Grammy nominations along with other awards and accolades. His signature style and some wonderful compositions made these records jazz masterpieces. Barron is named as "One of the top jazz pianists in the world" by The Los Angeles Times due to the intoxicating feel of his magically played tunes.

The Barron Experience

Kenny Barron is one of those musicians who can mesmerize the audiences whenever they play something live. His deep emotions presented through perfectly timed keys immediately connect with the listeners and make it a beautiful experience for them. His live performance, as a soloist as well as a part of the ensemble, has been greatly admired by the jazz lovers and critics alike. That's why Kenny Barron tickets are the most sought after when it comes to enjoying a lovely jazz evening.


Did You Know…

  1. Barron worked as a music professor at Rutgers University soon after completing his degree in music.
  2. Stan Getz called Barron “The other half of my heart” for their Iconic and long term collaboration.
  3. The Jazz Weekly named Barron “The most lyrical piano player of our time”.
  4. Barron mentored many popular musicians of today such as Regina Bell, David Sanchez and Terrence Blanchard.
  5. Barron's discography includes more than 300 hundred solo and sideman credentials.