Julio Iglesias Tickets

A well -known name in the music industry, Julio Iglesias was inducted in the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2013. The singer added two more achievements to his long list of accomplishments the same year. One of these was the Guinness World Records naming him the ‘Best-selling Male Latin Artist’ ever. The other has been the distinction of being awarded the ‘First & Most Popular International Artist of All Time in China.’

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Considered one of the most successful Latin artists ever, Julio Iglesias has gained international fame for his music. He has been performing for over forty decades and is still among one of the most sought after artists ever. Although primarily a Spanish singer, he has released songs in thirteen more languages.



Julio Iglesias


Latin, Contemporary, Latin Pop and dance pop

Awards Won:

A Grammy Award, an Academy of Country Music Award 

Venturing Into Music

Julio Iglesias was born and raised in Spain, where he pursued a career in professional football. His entrance into the music world was a result of a car accident which left him bed ridden. While recovering from the accident he started playing the guitar just to keep himself busy. That was the start of a passion for music that later led to him to sign with the record company Discos Columbia. Soon Julio Iglesias rose to fame and earned himself a large fan base across Europe.


Rise to Fame in the US

In the early eighties Julio Iglesias moved to the US, where he signed with the CBS International. Within a few years he came to be a well-known name in the US. Several of his albums were certified platinum and gold. Julio Iglesias also won a Grammy Award for his album Un Hombre Solo (A Man Alone). He also went on to collaborate with renowned artists like Dolly Parton, The Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross.

The singer’s soulful voice and catchy tunes spread beyond geographical boundaries. In the late eighties he made history by having a live television special on Chinese National Television, a first ever for an international artist. Also worth mentioning is his 2009 show in Las Vegas which was sold out months in advance. Such was the demand for more tickets that standing-room-only tickets were then sold to accommodate a larger number of audiences.


Live Shows

Julio Iglesias has built a reputation for giving lively and highly entertaining live performances. The ticket sale for his first ever concert at the famous New York venue Madison Square Garden made records for being the quickest sold out show by an artist at the venue. The entertainment value and fame of the singer still draws in a large number of audiences and Julio Iglesias tickets are highly in demand.

Showing no signs of slowing down the artist has been on an international tour since early 2013. He has performed in various countries across Europe, Asia, UAE and South America. More dates have also been announced for his performances across USA, UK and Spain.



Did You Know:

  • Julio Iglesias’ has sold more than three hundred million album copies worldwide.
  • He holds a Guinness World Record for selling the highest number of album copies in the highest number of languages.
  • He is father of the popular singer Enrique Iglesias.
  • Julio Iglesias holds the record for performing  41 concerts in 41 cities across Spain in 30 days
  • His album ‘La Carretera’ reached platinum status within a day .