Journey And Steve Miller Band

Journey And Steve Miller Band Tickets

Widely renowned, Steve Miller Band will co-headline their summer tour series with one of the most beloved bands, Journey. Both the bands will be teaming up for the first time for their live shows around the US. With millions of records sold worldwide, Journey and Steve Miller Band are considered two of the most popular international music groups. Get ready for a rocking summer and to groove to your favorite rock and roll numbers as the groups will soon be hitting your nearest venue.

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Journey and Steve Miller Band



Hit Songs:

Departure, Don’t Stop Believin’, Open Arms, Fly Like an Eagle, Abracadabra

About the Bands

Journey, with their infectious instrumentation and effective song crafting, remains a great musical force on the rock music scene. In a career spanning four decades, the band has given a number of Arena Rock classics that continue to define standards in the genre. Their vision expands as the years pass and they keep on leading a successful music career. Besides their extensive touring, the band also writes and records new music for their fans.

Steve Miller Band layers multiple genres of rock together to compose their signature sound. The chemistry and comfort level that the band members share enable them to create a great aura on stage whenever they play live. With their music career of over four decades, the band has made a musical legacy that will continue to inspire many generations to come. Currently completing the finale of their latest tour, Steve Miller Band will start their Canadian tour along with their co-headlining concert series with Journey.

Music Journey – An Overview

Journey started when few of the members from bands, Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch formed a musical collaboration. The group performed on New Year’s Eve for the first time and soon was signed to Columbia Records. Their first self-titled album came out in 1975 and it charted in the US and Japan. The band released their second studio album, Next in 1977 which performed better in terms of sales than their debut record. After a few lineup changes, the band included Steve Perry as the lead vocalist. This change marked a shift in their style and the band adopted a more pop oriented sound.

Their third studio album, Infinity was released in 1978 and it turned out to be a triple-Platinum record. From 1980 t0 1996, Journey came up with five Platinum and Gold certified albums in a row. The band took a break from recording until their 11th studio album Arrival hit the shelves in 2001. The band released a couple of new albums before their 13th studio record, Revelation came out in 2008. Their latest studio record, Eclipse was released in 2011 and since then, the band has consistently toured throughout the world.

Fronted by the guitarist and singer, Steve Miller, Steve Miller Band made its debut in 1968 with their moderately successful album, Children of the Future. Their second album, Sailor was released in the same year and it went Gold in the US. With various lineup changes, the band continued to release new material.

Steve Miller Band’s first major success came in 1973 when their 8th studio album, The Joker earned a Platinum certification. The following album, Fly Like an Eagle came out in 1976 and turned out to be a Multi-Platinum record. The band enjoyed widespread commercial and critical success from the late 70s to early 80s with their consecutive smash hits. Their recording career slowed down a little in the late 80s, but they kept on releasing fresh music and toured around the world for their live shows. The band released only two albums after stepping into the new century but remained active on the music scene with their tireless touring.

Live in a Concert

First time ever in their career, Journey and Steve Miller Band will unite for their summer co-headlining tour which will kick off in May 2014. Journey & Steve Miller Band tickets sales are shooing up as the fans are excited to see them perform under one roof. Be a part of one of their upcoming concerts to listen to some of their greatest hits live.


Did You Know…

  • Journey’s Keyboardist, Jonathan Cain has won two BMI Most Performed Song of the Year awards for Open Arms and Who's Crying Now.
  • Journey is the 28th bestselling American band with the nationwide record sales of 47 million.
  • Steve Miller Band’s 1978 compilation album, Greatest Hits received a Diamond certification.
  • Steve Miller Band has a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • In 2008, Steve Miller Band was honored with ASCAP Golden Note Award.