Josh Ritter Tickets

With the recent release of his studio album, ‘The Beast in Its Tracks’, John Ritter is hitting the road for 2014 Acoustic Winter Tour, which will take him across the United States and Canada. About the new album, Ritter said that after the end of his marriage, he felt inspired to write songs more than he has ever felt before. Following his previous, So Runs the World Away release, this album has a whole new, rock in the show sound. After his sold out tour in spring, now Ritter is putting his Winter Tour in gear as the Josh Ritter tickets are selling fast.

Artist: Josh Ritter

Tour: US/Canada Acoustic Winter 2014

Hit Songs: Kathleen, Temptation of Adam, The Curse

From Lute to Josh Ritter

As a child, Ritter heard Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash’ song “Girl From the North Country” which inspired him so much that he began trying to write songs on the lute his father made. A few years later, abandoning the lute, Ritter bought a guitar. After graduation, initially Josh opted for neuroscience as a major. However, soon he left it to study American History through Narrative Folk Music. That was when he realized he was destined to make music.

When he was 21, Ritter recorded a self titled album at his college campus. After he was done with his studies, he started appearing in several pubs and arranged gigs while keeping on with odd jobs and distribution of his album. Soon he was spotted by The Frames’ Glen Hansard, who offered Ritter to join the band and travel to Ireland. The same year, Ritter appeared in several open-mic events, where his album sold rapidly. That is when he left his day jobs and was finally able to devote himself completely to music.

Golden Age of Radio and Hello Starling

Almost two years after the release of his self titled debut album, Josh Ritter’s ‘Golden Age of Radio’ hit the market. The album was result of working in three different studios and recording points. While he was marketing his new album, he came across Jim Olsen, who offered to re-master both of his albums through his Signature Sounds record. When the single ‘Me & Jiggs’ was released, it instantly brought Ritter fame within Ireland. This led to his opening for The Frames and then hitting road for his own tour.

In January of 2003, Ritter released his third studio album that went by the name of Hello Starling.  The record was produced by Dave Oldum, the former guitarist of The Frames. On Irish charts, the album debuted at number two. This was followed by a number of appearances by Ritter on a national level, which included several musical events as well as festivals. He also toured with several other singers and eventually landed a deal with V2 Records. In 2005, he started to tour and performed side by side the classic violinist, Hilary Hahn.

At Vicar Street and More

2006 saw the release of Josh Ritter’s fourth studio album that was titled The Animal Years. It was followed by the DVD, The Dark – Live at Vicar Street, which was recorded in May of that year in over two nights. A year later, Ritter’s fifth album, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter came out. Both of his back to back studio albums received critical acclaim as well as warm reception from the fans. The best selling fictional writer, Stephen King called The Animal Years the “Best Album” of 2006 in one of his Entertainment Weekly columns. This was followed by Ritter’s appearance on Late Show with David Letterman as well as Later… with Jools Holland.

In April of 2010, Ritter’s sixth album titled ‘So Runs the World Away’ came out. The album received positive reviews on an international level. In February of 2011, he re-issued his album ‘The Animal Years’ and then hit the road for a tour. During this time, he also released an EP which included the material which was previously not released in his sixth album. His third live album was released in the same year and was labeled Live at The Iveagh Gardens. Now with his latest album, ‘The Beast in Its Tracks’ in market, Josh has hit the road once again for a series of concerts set across the country.


Did You Know…

  • Josh Ritter is also an accomplished writer and his novel Bright’s Passage received critic’s appreciation.
  • ‘The Beast in Its Tracks’ is the only album that Josh Ritter claims as highly “personal”.
  • Ritter was married to the fellow musician Dawn Landes for almost two years.
  • The name of his album ‘So Runs the World Away’ is taken from a line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  • The band members who have been performing with Ritter are called “The Royal City Band”.