Johnny Mathis Tickets

Johnny Mathis has the voice with the tenderness to sing soft romantic ballads and intensity to justify high-energy soul and jazz. His high eclecticism and operatic style lists him among the accomplished artists of traditional and popular music. His career spans more than five decades and includes a rich repertoire of numerous Gold and Platinum records. Mathis will be celebrating 57th anniversary of his music during his latest tour in the US and UK. Experience his matchless vigor when he takes up the stage during one of his shows.

Artist: Johnny Mathis

Awards: 3 Grammy Hall of Fame Inductions, Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ Lifetime Achievement Award

Hit Songs: Wonderful! Wonderful!, Misty, Chances Are, It’s Not for Me to Say, Wild is the Wind

As a Juvenile Artist

Johnny Mathis was inspired by his father to step into a professional music career as he taught him to sing one of his early songs My Blue Heaven. While growing up, he performed in various school functions, church events and even entertained guests who visited his home. His second best thing, sports and athleticism, became a permanent part of his life during high school. In mid 1950s, his career took off with the release of first studio album, Johnny Mathis: A New Sound In Popular Song. By the end of 1956, smash hit singles such as It’s Not for Me to Say and Wonderful! Wonderful! made him a new sensation in the music scene. At 20, Mathis also starred in some popular movies of the time like Lizzie and A Certain Smile. These ventures along with a series of live performances established him as one of the artists who earned widespread fame right after the start of their career.

Staggering Success

In the following years, Mathis’s success and fame touched newer levels. 1960 started with a number of his hit singles. Among those, Gina and What Will Mary Say were his top ten songs. I’ll Buy You A Star became his top twenty record in UK and also hit several international charts. A series of other successful records followed in the coming years, making him an incredible artist. 1970s added to his prevalent stardom with multiple popular albums and singles. Chart cracking albums like Killing Me Softly with Her Song, I’m Coming Home and When Will I See You Again marked the golden era of his career. Extending the limits of his ‘romantic-labeled’ musicianship, he added various other genres and produced multiple Gold and Platinum records such as Feelings, I Only Have Eyes For You and You Light Up My Life.


His mellow yet powerful vocals led him to feature his songs in many movies in the later years. Next two decades allowed him to reinvent the sound of his music and he also contributed his talent to Broadway. By 2000, he limited his live shows to 70 per year; however, Johnny Mathis tickets sold well among other regular live events tickets. He also kept on recording fresh studio, live and compilation albums. His most recent record, The Ultimate Collection came out in 2011 and was a top 20 hit in the UK. Throughout his career, Mathis has released more than ninety acclaimed albums; a legacy that will benefit the music generations to come.

Live in Concert

2013 brings Mathis back on the road and he will be playing his live concerts at various venues across the US and UK. Enjoy your all-time favorite hits live when the artist drops at your city for one of his shows.

Did You Know…

  1. Mathis has sold over 350 million records throughout the world.
  2. He has released more than 200 singles, out of which 71 made it to various international charts.
  3. He is the third best-selling artist of the 20th century besides Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.
  4. Mathis is also a great golfer.
  5. His duet The Last Time I Felt Like This from the movie Same Time, Next Year was nominated for an Oscar.