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Winner of the Breakout Award at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, and nominated for Emmys as well as Writers Guild Awards, John Oliver is indeed a man possessing versatile talents when it comes to comedy. Starting off his comedy odyssey from Cambridge Footlights comedy troupe and writing and performing throughout England, Oliver finally co-created Political Animal, a political radio show. Performance on this show allowed Oliver much public exposure and provided him with the right platform to grow professionally. Today John Oliver Tickets are high in demand and his importance in comedy fields is undeniable.


John Oliver


Comedy/Political Satire


Popular Works:

The Bugle

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Renowned for his exceptional work in The Bugle and in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the talented comedian, actor and political satirist, John Oliver has carved quite a name for himself in the arenas of comedy and entertainment. Recently Oliver has appeared as a guest host on The Daily Show; his performance has received such high acclaim that critics have suggested him to be the successor of current host or even recipient of his own show instead.

Professional Beginning

John Oliver’s first official appearance on any comedy platform was in 2001, at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, as part of The Comedy Zone. His part was that of an ‘oleaginous journalist’. His first solo performance came in 2002. Oliver moved to New York City for The Daily Show and started performing stand-up comedy in small clubs around the city followed by large venues once his name got out and he became a sought after act.

Television Appearances

In 2008, John Oliver’s first stand-up special debuted on Comedy Central, titled John Oliver: Terrifying Times. 2010 saw his new stand-up show John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Show.  Since then he has hosted four successful seasons of the show. Oliver also made frequent appearances on the British television as a panelist on Mock the Week. Oliver has also acted in the movie The Love Guru and also signed a blind script deal with Paramount Pictures in 2009.

However, television performances given by the talented celebrity date long back before he commenced his professional career. His first TV appearance was in 1985 as an orphan on BBC drama Bleak House. Oliver’s recurring role as a psychology professor ‘Dr. Ian Duncan’ in NBC comedy series Community is another of his notable television performances. He has also given appearances in many episodes.  

The Writer and Host

One of the milestones in Oliver’s career that gave huge boost to his comedy career is his part in the daily show with Jon Stewart. John Oliver joined The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, in 2006 as its senior British Correspondent. Oliver also performed as the writer for the show, which earned him a number of Emmys as well. In 2013 once again Oliver has been called to host the show for eight weeks while Stewart will be busy directing his movie. Critics have suggested that Oliver should be the successor in case Jon Stewart decides to leave.

Oliver’s Bugle

Another equally important highlight of his career is The Bugle. It is a weekly satirical news podcast, co-hosted by John Oliver along with Andy Zaltzman. The show incorporates global stories but the main focus is on issues relating to or happening in US/UK domain. The show started off in 2007 when Oliver moved to New York and started The Daily Show. The show has repeated the success story shared by the duo in The Department and Political Animal.

Reviews on the show are positive with many critics calling it delightful. Oliver’s biting sarcasm is one of the most popular highlights of the show. BBC Comedy review show What’s So Funny describes The Bugle as the benchmark in satire. John Oliver has proved his comedy talents time and again, and his presence on the mainstream stage is absolutely justified. The talented comedian is still going places, while showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Some Interesting Bits about the Comedian…

  1. Oliver is a Cambridge graduate.
  2. His wife, Kate Norley is an Army veteran who has served in Iraq as a medic.
  3. As a child John always dreamt of becoming a professional footballer.
  4. He considers Armando Iannucci one of his greatest heroes.
  5. Oliver met his wife while he was covering the Republican Convention for ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’.