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The renowned songwriter and pianist Jim Brickman has an incredible understanding of several music genres as well as a firm grasp on the pop song-craft. His piano excellence allows him to divide his music into emotional bite-sized chunks and make heartfelt music. Being the most charted male Adult Contemporary artist Jim has produced six Platinum and Gold albums. His solo piano compositions and pop-style instrumentals are inimitable by any of the other artists in the industry. Jim has earned Grammy nomination twice for his incredible music talents. Jim Brickman tickets are selling hot as fans are impatient to see their favorite pianist performing live on stage.


Jim Brickman


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Beautiful World

Though classically trained, the pianist Jim Brickman has always been more interested in pop-flavored music. His gentle lyrics incorporating the modern day moods never fail to leave his audiences breathless. In an extremely successful career spanning almost two decades now, Brickman has released sixteen albums of purely original material. His entire work can be classified as a great hit collection. His work is not only nationally admired, but also has legions of international fans including a much wide fan base in China. Fans always rush to buy Jim Brickman tickets every time there is an announcement of his upcoming concerts.

The Start of the Star

Jim Brickman started playing piano at the age of five. Despite this young endeavor no one could have imagined the heights that this star later went on to reach. Brickman’s official music career began in 1994 when he released his first album ‘No Words’. The track ‘Rocket to the Moon’ from this album became his first track to be charted on Billboard.  His second release ‘By Heart’ in 1995 gave two more songs that put Jim in the list of most sought after contemporary musicians.

The Romantic Piano Sensation

The 1997 album by Jim Brickman, titled ‘Picture’, went platinum, making him an undisputable star in the process. Several of his follow up releases only added to the already soaring stardom and popularity of the star. Even till today Brickman is considered to be a new-age genre musician despite a diverse variety of music that he writes and plays himself. Jim has made appearances in many television specials as well as debuted in radio shows. With such varied form of performances and incredible original music, it is hardly a surprise to see Jim Brickman tickets sell like hot cakes.

Beyond the Clichés

Brickman has another interesting talent. His irresistibility to pop music despite his classical oriented training also led him to compose jingles for commercial media only at the age of nineteen. This also earned him the task of composing musical slogans and identities for some of the major worldwide outfit brands, including Gap, Isuzu and Sprint. Jim has also produced some extraordinary work for children, including his compositions for ‘The Muppets’ and "Sesame Street’. His part in some of the Disney projects is also noteworthy. In a nutshell, Jim Brickman’s work has received acclaim and preferences not only from critics and know-hows of music, but he has been able to inspire kids and adults alike with his music.


More about the Pianist

  • Jim Brickman has also been a radio host in his diverse career.
  • Brickman also has a Dove Award given to him by the ‘Gospel Music Association’.
  • Jim has to his name three popular PBS specials as well.
  • He founded BHD (Brickhouse Direct), a company that provides marketing and e-commerce solutions to clients belonging to several industries.
  • Brickman has also hosted an annual fan cruise since 2006, which brings his fans from all across the world for concerts and activities lasting a week.