House Of Blues Gospel Brunch

House Of Blues Gospel Brunch Tickets

The chain of music concert halls, House of Blues is inviting gospel lovers to come witness a unique series of shows that will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the popular production, Gospel Brunch. Listen to soul-enlightening music along while you enjoy a lavish brunch at House of Blues chains all across America. Shows are expected to be held in Orlando, Chicago and San Diego. The event presents wholesome family entertainment with an all-you-can-eat buffet serving a wide range of delicacies and mouth-watering food from fried catfish, migas, southern-style grits, BBQ briskets, macaroni and cheese, omelet’s, waffles, desserts, fried chicken and so much more. House of Blues Gospel Brunch tickets are always in high demand as families from all over America fly in to enjoy this musical celebration.

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House of Blues Gospel Brunch

Event Type

Buffet with live gospel music


2.5 to 3 hours

The Gospel Brunch, an enlightening experience

The Gospel Brunch is a one of a kind event that was first started off back in 1994. The event takes place throughout the year at the House of Blues chains spread across Cambridge, Boston, West Hollywood, Anaheim, New Orleans, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego, Dallas, Cleveland, Atlantic City, Houston and Lake Buena Vista. Inaugurated in 1992, the House of Blues was founded by Dan Aykroyd and Isaac Tigrett, the co-founder of the Hard Rock Café chains. With the very first hotel established at Cambridge’s Harvard Square, most venues can cater to as much as two thousand audiences. With the inauguration of the Gospel Brunch festivity, the House of Blues has gained international popularity and repute. These events are not only known to fill the audience’s appetite but satisfy their souls as well. The upcoming events provide everyone with something that they love, so that audiences of all ages can leave with a smile on their face.

The 20th Anniversary Celebration with Kirk Franklin

The year 2014’s Gospel Brunch is presenting something extra for gospel lovers as with its 20th anniversary the event is bringing to stage one of America’s most renowned gospel musicians, Kirk Franklin. Expected to be the highlight of the shows, Kirk Franklin will join the gospel singing choir to present some of his Grammy winning hits. Born in 1970, Kirk Dwayne Franklin is from Fort Worth, Texas. Growing up with his aunt, Kirk started learning how to play the piano at the age of four. He started composing music from a young age and learnt most of his instruments by ear. At the mere age of seven Kirk was presented with his first music contract which was turned down due to him being too naïve. Joining the church choir, at the age of twelve, Kirk was appointed Mt. Rose Adventist Church’s music director. During his university years, Kirk founded a gospel group named “The Humble Hearts”. Through this group, gospel legend Milton Biggham discovered Kirk who took the young gospel singing artist to form the group “Kirk Franklin & the Family”. The self-titled debut album released by this group spent over two years on the prestigious Gospel music charts. It also made its way to the R&B Charts and achieved platinum certification. With this Kirk became the first gospel artist to sell a million copies. Over the years the artist has worked with groups such as “Kirk Franklin and Nu Nation” and “Kirk Franklin and 1 Nation Crew”. As a soloist this multi-award winning gospel singer has released 5 studio albums that have won the artist Dove Awards, Stellar Awards, BET Awards, American Music Awards and Grammy Awards.

This time Kirk Franklin is joining forces with the House of Blues to entertain audiences after they are done with their brunch buffet. With a performance that will last for forty minutes, the Gospel Brunch will leave the entire family singing and dancing till their feet give in.


Interesting Information about House of Blues Gospel Brunch

  • The Gospel Brunch event usually starts of at 10 in the morning and allows plenty of time for audiences to get stuffed till their necks before the live music show begins.
  • The Gospel Brunch event has never set an age limit to its events as children as young as one year old are known to enjoy the food and music.
  •  The bar at the Gospel Brunch events lets audiences create their own Bloody Mary and mimosa drinks before the live music begins.
  • At the upcoming series of shows, Kirk Franklin has reinvented the entire show by hand-picking the choir members who will be singing alongside him.
  • The tradition is to hold the Gospel Brunch showcases on Sundays so that the entire family can make their way to this celebration of food and soulful music.