Get The Led Out Tickets

Get the Led Out’s consistent hard work and love for Led Zeppelin’s music has enabled them to master every nuance and detail of the band’s musicianship. Get the Led Out performs the legendary music of one of the most historic rock bands in the history without impersonating any of their acts or mimicking their style. Their original and fresh approach to recreate some of the greatest songs onstage differentiates them from the rest of the cover bands. Experience their passionate performances when the band plays live in your city during their latest tour.

Artist: Get the Led Out

Formation: 2003

Concert Duration: 2 Hours 35 Minutes with one Intermission

About the Show

Brisk musical numbers, gripping guitars and irresistible drum beats define the energetic atmosphere of the Get the Led Out’s shows. The band picks some of the classic recordings by the Led Zeppelin and play them note-to-note onstage. No pre-recorded material or superficial effects are used to create any of the songs; just the Led’s music at its best. The unmatched chemistry between the band members and their intuitive abilities make the whole experience worthy for all the Led fans.

Get the Led Out covers the entire range of the Led Zeppelin’s powerful discography and plays it by shuffling the set list during their live shows. Their years long experience and dedication allows them to bring perennial hits like Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love and Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman) to life in the most authentic way. 

The Band

Get the Led Out consists of Paul Sinclair, Paul Hammond, Jimmy Marchiano, Billy Childs, Adam Ferraioli and Andrew Lipke. Paul Sinclair fronts the band as the lead vocalist. His intricate vocal arrangements combined with the guitar driven sound make Led’s timeless songs enjoyable for the attendees. Paul has released two studio albums along with his friend Paul Hammond as part of the band named Sinclair. Both of them have extensively toured throughout the country and performed to multitudes of audiences. Hammond plays acoustic and electric guitar for the band.

Jimmy Morchiano has played with bands such as Heaven’s Edge and Blackeyed Susan across the State. His talent of playing complex chords effortlessly makes him one of the key members of the band. Billy Childs’s effective bass guitar and Adam Ferraioli’s perfect percussions replicate the feel of Led’s original tracks.

The multitalented Andrew Lipke contributes as the keyboardist, guitarist and drummer for the band. Get the Led Out is joined by The Battle of Evermore’s member Diana DeSantis as the guest vocalist. With their charismatic performances, all these members take the audiences back in time where they get the ultimate Zeppelin experience. 

Re-Experience the ‘Led’ Rage

The band has lined up a series of live concerts at various venues throughout the country. Their most recent tour, which is expected to last till May, 2014, will entertain the music lovers to the fullest. Get the Led Out tickets sell fast due to the exclusivity of their live shows. Let your Zeppelin-rave rush and experience Get the Led Out’s electrifying live performances at a venue near you.

Did You Know…

  1. According to RIAA, Led Zeppelin is the second bestselling band in the US.
  2. Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.
  3. 1n 1972, Led broke the Beatles’ record of ‘highest attendance in a concert’.
  4. Led Zeppelin sold 200-300 million records worldwide.
  5. They rank at fifth among the top selling artist of all time.