Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons Tickets

It can be said that because of the huge success of the Broadway musical Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons has managed to live through the decades. With its untimely hits such as Walk Like a Man, Can’t Take My Eyes of You and Rag Doll, the band rose to prominence in the 60s and perhaps was the most popular band before the birth of The Beatles. Side by side the success of Jersey Boys, Frankie Valli is selling venues across the world as well. Starting his tour this January, he has already hit the road with The Four Seasons band to revive the memories of his era with his album, “Romancing the 60s”. The Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons tickets are in great demand for the upcoming shows.

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Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons


2014 World Tour

Hit Songs:

Big Girls Don’t Cry, Rag Doll, Walk Like a Man

Deal that Defined 60s' Rock N Roll

If you have seen the Jersey Boys Musical, you would have come across a specific scene which was based on the true events and was more or less the essence of the musical, and The Four Seasons band itself. This scene portrays Valli and Bob Gaudio’s pact that defined the rock n roll era of the 60s. After realizing that their road to success was almost the same, and that they understood the harmony of human soul way better as a pair than individually, the two founding members of the band made a deal during the Great Depression.

In this pact, it was determined that the two of them will work as a team; however, if any one of them wants to go a separate way, he can do so without any explanation. The deal was sealed with a handshake, never to be broken again. According to Valli, he grew up in a world where once the word was given to somebody; it was kept, without the requirement of signed papers and lawyers. Thus, The Four Seasons rose to fame, along with Nick Massi and Tommy DeVito. The band made its debut in the rock n roll scene in 1962 with the hit song Sherry. The song topped the charts and established the band’s repute for its distinct sound, which was both melodic and rhythmic.

Frankie Valli – The Legend

Francesco Stephen Castelluccio born to an Italian family earned fame because of his unusual falsetto voice. Known mainly for being the founding member and vocalist of The Four Seasons, Valli, along with the band has scored around thirty Top 40 hits and nine hits as a solo artist. As a child, he found inspiration to pursue a career in music when he attended a concert by Frank Sinatra with his mother, at the age of seven. His first mentor in the field was Jean Valli. In his honor, he adopted the last name by which he earned fame in his career. In 1951, Valli hit the music industry as a professional singer.

When Variety Trio saw him singing, they offered him a spot in their band which Valli accepted. However, soon after that the band broke up, but till then Valli had made friends with Tommy DeVito, who went on to become an important member of The Four Seasons in the future. After gaining immense success with the band, he took on solo career, and released his debut album. Both of his ventures were a great success.

A Comeback with Romancing the 60s

After three decades of absence from the music scene, Frank Valli returned in 2007. Although that crispy voice wasn’t there now, he still hadn’t lost his magical touch. In collaboration with his lifetime songwriting partner Gaudio, Valli produced a thirteen-track classic album by the name of “Romancing the 60s”. Among the classics that were featured on the record were What A Wonderful World and Let It Be Me. This new record has everything that could be expected from a band that is entering its 6th decade. Many of these new tracks, along with the old classics will be included in Frank Valli and The Four Seasons’ 2014 Global Tour.


Did You Know

  • The band gets its name “The Four Seasons” from a bowling alley located in New Jersey.
  • The band was originally formed under the title “ The Four Lovers”
  • During the 70s, Valli suffered from a brief hearing ailment which brought a pause to his career.
  • The band found real success after Bob Gaudio joined in and contributed with his lyrics.
  • The band’s song “Rag Doll” is inspired from a windscreen washer on the streets.