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Fans of Fall Out Boy and Paramore can add more excitement to their 4th of July celebrations.  These two alternative rock bands have just announced the co-headlining Monumen Tour and will begin their trek this summer. The concerts are scheduled in more than thirty North American cities and the bands will entertain their fans with songs that have topped the charts. This concert follows the release of Fall Out Boy’s latest album, ‘Save Rock n Roll’ and Paramore’s self titled fourth studio album. Both were received well and debuted on top positions at the Billboard charts.


Fall Out Boy


Monumen Tour


TMF Awards, Teen Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Award, Kerang! Award.

Emergence of Fall Out Boy- An ‘Emo Pop’ Explosion

Fall Out Boy emerged as a big name in the emo-pop world in 2000s. The Chicago Quartet with their snarky humor and deep feeling choruses attracted tons of teenagers to their music in no time. Today, after a decade, they have sold more than four million albums. The band members came together in Suburban Wilmette and recorded the debut album, ‘Take This to Your Grave’ in 2001.  It was received positively by the critics with reviews like ‘a spectacular art project’ by Johnny Loftus (Allmusic).

This was followed by their breakout album, ‘Under the Cork Tree’ in 2005. Filled with hit singles like Dance Dance and Sugar We’re Going Down, the album quickly got a double Platinum certification and also earned the band a Grammy nomination in the category of ‘Best New Artist’. By this time, the band had already found mainstream success and its status of an ‘underground star’ changed. They then toured extensively, conducting a number of late night television gigs and music award shows. Fall Out Boy continued to debut at number one  on the Billboard charts with a couple of more albums, ‘Infinity on High’ and ‘Folie a Deux’, until their career took a break in 2009. They came up with their fifth studio album ‘Save Rock n Roll’ in 2013.

Paramore’s Music Since 2004

The American rock band, Paramore has just completed a decade in the music industry and is celebrating its success with Fall Out Boy this year. They have released four studio albums so far and none has gone without earning a Platinum certification. The band has won MTV Europe Music Awards, People’s Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards in different categories and is expecting more of such accolades with its future releases.

Paramore’s music generally fits into the categories of pop punk, emo and alternative rock. They get inspiration from well known bands, including U2, Fall Out Boy, Blink-182 and Jimmy Eat World. According to the reviews by Alternative Press, ‘it’s not just the music that has raised them to fame but also it’s the band’s stage performances that have boosted it even more.’ They have joined forces with the band they admire, Fall Out Boy for the upcoming Monumen Tour.

Monumen Tour

Fall Out Boy and Paramore returned in 2013 after a brief hiatus to take back the pop rock mantle. They are now joining forces for an exciting summer tour that is going to hit a bunch of outdoor amphitheatres across Canada and the US.  Both of the bands are looking forward to the tour and Fall Out Boy has even remarked, ‘It’s great to get the chance to share the stage with a band we have never toured with, that has their own unique legacy’. Get your Fall Out Boy tickets and be a part of the upcoming tour.


Did You Know

  • Paramore’s lead vocalist, Hayley Williams fears spiders.
  • William’s favorite songs are Iris, Take a Picture and 4 hours.
  • Fall Out Boy’s oldest member, Pete, almost died in Walmart’s parking lot in an accident.
  • Pete was an all state soccer athlete before joining the band.
  • Fall Out Boy played over 500 shows in a total of two years, from 2006 to 2008.