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Elvis Presley, the King of Rock n Roll, may have left the world but his music lives in the form of many tribute shows. ELVIS LIVES: The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event is the grandest of them all, covering the life and career of this legendary artist. Featuring the finalists from this year’s tribute artist contest held by Elvis Presley Enterprises, the show will as usual be a spectacular display of live music and multimedia. Complete with backup singers, live band and a group of dancers, ELVIS LIVES is a magnificent combination of Broadway and a live concert; most definitely an event to be attended by all Elvis fans.

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ELVIS LIVES: The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event


Dean Z

Bill Cherry

Leo Days

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Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.

Elvis Lives!

For people who could not watch the great Elvis Presley live and are die-hard fans of his music, for them there is ELVIS LIVES: The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Event. This four-act, Broadway-styled production is one of a kind and is bringing the work of this legendary artist on stage through hit tours year in and year out. The best part about ELVIS LIVES! is that it is narrated in Elvis’ own words which works wonders to create an ambience as if the King of Rock n Roll is actually there.

The Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest

The presenters for ELVIS LIVES! are selected through the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest which is being held since 2007 by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. The contest started with the idea to find an artist who can be the “best representation of the legacy of Elvis Presley”.

The inaugural contest was won by Shawn Klush from Pennsylvania out of twenty four finalists from around the world.  Brandon Bennett won the 2008 contest while the contests for 2009, 2010 and 2011 were won by Bill Cherry, Justin Shandor and Cody Slaughter respectively. Ben Portsmouth won the 2012 contest and was the first ever European to win this contest. Dean Z was the winner of 2013 contest.

The Presenters of 2014 ELVIS LIVES!

Bill Cherry, Leo Days and Dean Z are the presenters chosen for 2014 ELVIS LIVES! tour. Cherry is the winner of the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest and is a lifelong fan of Presley. He has given award winning performances over the years and specializes in bringing back to life Presley’s concert years.

Days also came to the fore from the 2009 contest where he was one of the finalists. The special deal about Days is that he can perform Elvis’ 50s’, 60s’ and 70s’ eras equally amazingly. It is this versatility of talents and over a decade of performing that has made him perfect for this tribute show. And last but not the least is Dean Z who won the contest in 2013 and is one of the best Elvis personifications there are today.

The ELVIS LIVES! Experience

ELVIS LIVES! is an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves Broadway, concerts or Elvis. The way Presley sang and performed is iconic even today – a matter of intrigue for audience and artists of all generations. The fact that Elvis Lives! tickets sell out like hot cakes goes to show that Elvis actually lives.

More about Elvis Lives!

  • Elvis Lives! Tour will stop in all other cities for one night only except for Branson, MO where there will be 11 shows at the American Band Stand Theater.
  • The show is complimented by the imagery and videos presented by the Graceland archives.
  • The number one winner of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest is entitled to prize money of $20,000.
  • The ELVIS LIVES tribute show also includes a tribute for Ann-Margret.
  • The show’s producers are On Stage Touring LLC. who works in association with Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. to present the annual touring tribute shows.