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El-P is on tour with his Run the Jewel partner, the one and only Killer Mike. The two got together to do hip-hop music like they wanted to and that resulted in the much acclaimed self-titled debut release in February, 2013. This road trip will take the two to various parts of the country and if early indications are anything to go by it promises to be one smashing ride.

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Artist Name:

El-P (El-Producto)


Artist (rapper), Producer and Businessman

Debut Album:

Fantastic Damage

The Beginning

El-P got hooked to hip hop at a very early age while growing up in New York. That led him to take his first steps in the music world. He was only eighteen years old when he incepted Company Flow, a rap group in early 1990's.  Juvenile Techniques, their first ever track came out in the year 1993.

Company Flow then released an EP titled Funcrusher in the year 1996 that went on to get a lot of acclaim. The success of this EP paved the way for them to come out with their first studio album Funcrusher Plus next year. That turned out to be El-P's start in the world of music that would go on to make him one of the most famous names in the business.

New Avenues and Solo Career

When Company Flow left Rawkus Records, El-P came up with his own record label by the name of Definitive Jux. The label didn't take too long to become a major success story. A lot of that was down to El-P's vision and releases like The Cold Vein by Cannibal Ox and Labor Days by Aesop Rock. In 2001, Company Flow disbanded for a while and El-P decided to try his hand as a solo rapper. He made his debut with album Fantastic Damage that went on to get a lot acclaim from every corner. The follow-up I'll Sleep When You're Dead hit the music stores in 2007 and it turned out to be an even bigger hit. His latest release Cure 4 Cancer was released in 2012 to favorable reviews from a lot of critics.

Latest Developments

El-P teamed up with longtime friend and fellow rapper Killer Mike to form Run the Jewels. This is the latest in a long line of avenues and ventures El-P has explored over the course of a two decade long illustrious career. Run the Jewels released their self-titled debut album in June, 2013 and followed that up by hitting the road for an epic tour across the country. The duo has also now released the first video from the album.


El-P will forever be remembered as an artist who pushed conventional hip hop boundaries. At a time when a lot of artists were doing the commercially acceptable thing so to speak, he went on his own and stayed true to the kind of music he believed in. El-P didn't cave in to the demands of mainstream popularity and for that he deserves all the credit he gets. There is a reason why so many fans buy El-P tickets every time he steps on to the stage to perform and a lot of that revolves around his incredible talents.

Did you Know?

  • El-P is a big science fiction fan.
  • He has also worked as a DJ on a few occasions.
  • He met Killer Mike through Adult Swim.
  • His father was a jazz pianist.
  • He is also a member of the Cardboard City, an art collective.