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Dr. Dog is a band that is known for its incredible music and spectacular performances. The band members are loved by the fans for their easy attitude and interactions with their fans. Each member of the band is given a nickname with the letter ‘T’ depending on their activities or personalities. For instance, Andrew ‘Trial’ Jones, a former member, earned this title because he was an attorney.  The distinctive indie rock music by the band is of special attraction to fans because of the strong influence of sixties music on it despite its contemporary nature.


Dr. Dog

Popular Albums:


Shame, Shame

Popular EP:

Takers and Leavers

As the group continues its national tour for the promotion of the critically acclaimed and immensely appreciated ‘B-Room’ released in October, Dr. Dog is performing on a wide range of genres and tracks from the band’s previous repertoire. The band’s music perceptibly has the influence of bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, and that only adds to the irresistibility of Dr. Dog’s music beats. It is no wonder to see legions of fans rushing to get their Dr. Dog tickets for the band’s upcoming live performances. With incredible indie rock music and possible pieces from the latest release the fans are certain to have an unforgettable live music experience.

The Beginning

The origins of the band can be traced back to only a duo performing together. Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken started playing when they were in eighth grade. The remarkable part of their performances even back then was not playing any covers. The two future stars wrote all of their music themselves. They named their music project “Racoon” which then grew when Zach Miller, Doug O’Donnell and Ted Mark also became part of the band. All of these rising stars recorded and released their debut album, titled ‘The Psychedelic Swamp’ in 2001 which not only officially established them as an unavoidable music group but also earned them a small yet dedicated fan following. Another album ‘Toothbrush’ came out in 2002, followed by ‘Easy Beat’ in 2005. Both these releases received great rersponse from fans and added a lot more to their fanbase.

Dr. Dog today

Currently the band consists of six exceptionally talented musicians with their strengths lying in varied areas. Toby Leaman and Scott McMicken, only two of the founding members of the band are still playing with the ensemble. Vocalists and guitarists, these two stars form the essential ingredients needed for a spectacular show and breathtaking performance. Frank McElroy on rhythm guitar, Eric Slick on drums and percussion, Dimitri Manos on electronics and guitar and Zach Miller on several instruments are also equally imperative parts of Dr. Dog. These six people have been ruling the arenas of indie and rock music for quite some time now and they are showing no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Wanna know the T’s of all the Members?

McMicken is nicknamed Taxi, Leaman is Tables and Miller is Text. McElroy is called Thanx, Manos as Tucson and Slick as Teach. Hardly anyone knows the stories behind all of these names but if you are a real diehard Dr. Dog fan, you should know these T’s by heart. Even the former members of the band were entitled with a T nickname each. O’Donnell had Truck to his name, Mark had Today. Another former member Andrew Jones was known as Trial and Juston Stens was Turbo. Dr. Dog never fails to keep the interest of its fans and continuously surprise them with twists and turns in its already distinctive music. Small wonder than it is to see soaring demand for Dr. Dog tickets by their legions of fans in such short span of time.


More about Dr. Dog

  • The band is part of the D.I.Y tradition among pop bands that make their own music and write their own songs.
  • They use lo-fi recording techniques but still make exceptionally modern and delightful music.
  • ‘The Psychedelic Swamp’ comprised of 35 tracks.
  • Dr. Dog has also toured with My Morning Jacket and M. Ward.
  • The band has released seven super hit albums in addition to several EPs, Vinyls and compilations.