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The younger siblings of the Osmond family, Donny and Marie started their music careers at a young age. The outstanding performer and teen idol along with his incredibly talented sister made a remarkable duo “Donny and Marie” which is still high up on the popularity graph. Despite the ups and downs in their careers, the naturally happy public image of the duo never betrayed their inner turmoil and did not keep them out of the spotlight for long.

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Donny & Marie
Popular Songs:

Puppy Love; Soldier of Love; Paper Roses
Awards and Honors:

1975 American Music Award (for Favorite Band, Duo or Group);  TV Land Award (for Favorite Singing Siblings); Several Daytime Emmy Award nominations (for Outstanding Talk Show; Outstanding Talk Show Hosts)

Donald Clark Osmond popularly known as Donny, appeared on The Andy Williams Show when he was only five years old. He also started performing in his brothers' group Osmond Brothers. From the very beginning, Donny had a distinguished style in his performance. He was the lead vocalist for many of the songs performed by the group, including their first blockbuster hit "One Bad Apple". The song stayed at the top of the charts for five weeks in 1971.

Like brother like sister, Marie Osmond was also a born artist. Olive Marie Osmond also appeared on The Andy Williams Show at a very young age and later joined her brothers on stage as well. Both the stars had successful solo careers in singing, acting and television appearances but the most important turn of their careers came when they formed the duo "Donny and Marie".
"Donny and Marie"
The siblings joined their musical forces in 1974, and hit the charts like a sensation with "Morning Side of the Mountain" and "I'm leaving it all up to you". Since then the incredible duo has released six albums, with the latest one being a studio album, titled "Donny & Marie", released in 2011. Four out of these albums have achieved a certified gold status. The squeaky-clean heartthrobs, as they are sometimes called, have sold over a million records over the past four decades.

A photogenic pair, the siblings also had their own TV show in 1975, whose immense popularity also earned the brother and sister their own variety show in the following year. The show composed of songs and skits, spread over an hour. Donny took the rock and roll domain, while Marie confined herself to the country genre for the performances on the show. In 1998 the duo returned with their TV show again, which continued with high popularity for two consecutive seasons. In 2008, Donny and Marie announced their exclusive commitment of concerts at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.
Performance Mantras
Donny has a commanding style of performing. His songs seem to have an attractive force which prevents his listeners even so much from getting distracted. Some would obviously call it an extraordinary vocal skill that he possesses. He is renowned to make a repertoire of songs from his solo career, as well as from his time with ‘The Osmonds' and "Donny & Marie'. Donny continuously innovates on the rocking vocals as well as on choreography of his performances. No wonder that America voted him the champion of the ninth season of "Dancing with the Stars".
Marie on the other hand blazes the floor with her hot mash-up music techniques. Even though she generally performs country music, her distinguished voice and vibrant performances make all the difference to her original music. The extravagant stage used by Marie is also one of the ways that she mesmerizes her audiences with.

Exemplifying the art of entertainment, this duo still shows no signs of slowing down. In 2012 they were also voted the "Best Performers of Las Vegas". Fans, old and new alike, are buying Donny and Marie tickets, since there is nothing parallel to watching these incredible stars in their element.

There's more to the duo…

  • Of the total nine children born to the Osmonds, Donny and Marie are the fifth and eighth respectively.
  • Donny stated on Larry King Live, that Michael Jackson advised Donny to change his name in order to boost his popularity.
  • As a solo singer ‘teen idol' in early seventies, Donny was among the biggest “Cover Boy” pop stars for the Tiger Beat magazine.
  • Marie has appeared on Broadway Musicals The King and I and The Sound of Music in the mid nineties.
  • Marie is also a Doll designer. She has launched her doll line and has also published a book on handcrafted project designs.