Donny And Marie Christmas Tour

Donny And Marie Christmas Tour Tickets

Donny and Marie’s vocal harmonies, shared chemistry and individual style make them a great sibling duo. Their melodious voices layered with beautiful compositions make their songs a musical treat for the listeners. Famous for their theatrical styled live performances, the twosome is set for their latest concert series and will be visiting multiple cities for their Christmas Tour. Double your holiday fun and make your special moments musical by attending one of their live shows at your nearest venue.

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Artists: Donny and Marie

Genre: Country, Musical Theatre

Hit Songs: Morning Side of the Mountain, Make the World Go Away, (You’re My) Soul and Inspiration, On the Shelf

Beginning and The Osmonds

Coming from a supportive family, Donny began singing at the age of 5. As a young confident performer, he performed some of his early stints at different kids’ shows. In the early 60s, Donny joined four of his brothers and they came to be known as The Osmonds. The brother group became extremely popular by performing at a number of television shows. Throughout the 60s and early 70s, the brother group sold millions of records and emerged as one of the most famous recording and touring ensembles.

Becoming the Teen Idols

Like her elder brothers, Marie Osmond developed a deep interest in music and joined Donny as part of Donny & Marie. Pooling their great vocal abilities, the duo released their debut record, I’m Leaving It All Up to You in 1974. The album went Gold in the US and they became a new sensation in the music of the 70s. Their follow up record, Make The World Go Away came out in 1975 and strengthened their standing. In 1976, the sibling duo began their variety show series with the name of Donny & Marie. The show became an instant success and completed a run of 78 episodes till 1979. Gathering national attention and acclaim for their talents, the pair became teen idols and collaborated for a lot of other projects besides leading solo careers.

Solo Careers, Return and other Ventures

After giving out a number of chartbusters in the 70s, the duo went on to pursue a solo music journey. They made a name in the musical theater by starring in a variety of famous Broadway projects. Donny Osmond’s role in Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat earned him rave critical reviews. During the time, Marie Osmond focused on her solo career and became one of the most successful pop and country artists. In addition to music and acting, Donny proved his talents as a television host. In 2006, he returned to Broadway in the revival of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

In 2007, after appearing as the celebrity participants on the reality show, Dancing with the Stars, Donny and Marie became the Vegas headliners at the MGM Grand. Later teaming up at the Flamingo Hotel for their Donny & Marie Show, the duo presented their live show to hordes of visitors. Backed by eight dance professionals and a band, the siblings cherished their more than three decades of musicianship. During their residency at the hotel they were also honored with many awards.

The Christmas Tour Series

After 2007, Donny and Marie began their holiday special shows for their fans. The first show was presented on Broadway. It gathered an overwhelming response from the audiences and soon it hit the stage in Los Angeles and Chicago. Entertaining multitudes of fans, their Christmas tour grew in size and lineup and now has become a must-attend holiday show. Donny and Marie – Christmas Tour tickets sales hit the roof every time the duo decides to take the stage.

Like their past shows, this year’s Christmas Tour will bring lots of sweet memories back once again. Featuring some of their perennial hits, dance and onstage fun acts, the duo’s latest concert series promise nothing but a quality timeout at the auspicious event. Look for their schedule and pick your nearest venue to be entertained with the lovely musical pieces by the dynamic duo.


Did You Know…

  • Donny Osmond won the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars.
  • Donny & Marie Show won Las three Vegas Review-Journal Awards.
  • Osmonds are the believers of Mormon.
  • Donny starred in Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for over 6 years.
  • Marie Osmond is also a famous doll designer.