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Devildriver And Trivium Tickets

DevilDriver and Trivium, two of the biggest metal bands on the circuit today have joined hands to head on a road trip across North America. These two have been at the top of the metal music scene for years and have cemented their place among the most followed bands today. These two bands are a constant presence on the annual touring schedule and that makes them even more special. They know how to play live and they do it brilliantly. The upcoming tour promises to be another epic, hard hitting journey, one that fans of the genre simply just can’t afford to miss out on.

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Bands: DevilDriver and Trivium

Genre: Heavy Metal

Type: Tour

Heavy metal fans are in for a special treat as DevilDriver and Trivium head out on tour together. These two bands have been at the forefront of their genre for quite some time now and that is one of the biggest reasons why fans are turning up to buy Devildriver and Trivium tickets in such huge numbers. Their journey across North America will begin at Boise, Idaho before moving on to other cities of the United States and Canada. So if you are into heavy metal, then this road trip is where you ought to be.


DevilDriver have been a part of the heavy metal landscape since the year 2002. They came out with a self-titled debut album next year and it went on to do fairly well on the charts. They followed that up with the release of The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand in 2005 and went as high as number one spot on the Top Hotseekers chart. The response from critics was much positive than that lent to its predecessor.

The Last Kind Words hit music stores two years later as their third album. It went on to do quite well on both the commercial as well as the critical front. Then came Pray for Villains in the year 2009 and Beast in 2011. Both these albums received widespread critical acclaim as well. DevilDriver’s most recent release was titled Winter Kills and it came out in August, 2013 to a lot of positive feedback. Their success till now has all been down to their belief in the kind of music they want to play. DevilDriver have been among heavy metal’s top players for years now and to stay at the top on such a consistent basis really takes something special.


The second band in the DevilDriver and Trivium equation is Trivium, who are no novices either. Trivium joined the heavy metal scene two years earlier than DevilDriver in the year 2000. They started off performing at a very small scale but it wasn’t long before their style of music began to make all the right noises.  It took Trivium three years of hard work before they came out with Ember to Inferno, their debut album. They started to make people sit up and take notice of their talents when their second album, Ascendancy came out two years later.

The Crusade hit the music stores in 2006 and was followed by Shogun after a gap of another two years. These records got a lot of critical acclaim which played a big part in pushing Trivium under the spotlight. In Waves, their fifth album, was released in 2011 and that was followed by Vengeance Falls, their latest album that came out in October 2013. Trivium have been there and thereabouts when it comes to ranking among the biggest names in heavy metal. They are still not showing any signs of taking their foot off the pedal and that is a testament to their ability and dedication to music.

The Tour

DevilDriver and Trivium are brilliant live performers. A lot of their legacy is based on the fact they turn it up a notch at concerts. Thousands of fans make their way to catch them play live and now that they are on tour again, the numbers are expected to increase even further. The road trip will give heavy metal fans a chance to see two of the biggest names in business today share the same stage at one of the biggest metal tours of the year.


Did You Know?

  • DeathDriver was named Deathride at the time of inception.
  • DevilDriver were Italian Wiccans who used to fight evil forces.
  • Trivium sales total to over one million copies.
  • Trivium is a Latin word that means three ways.
  • All DevilDriver albums have come out in odd numbered years.