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The Grammy and Emmy award winner singer and songwriter Cyndi Lauper has been nominated for the Songwriters Hall of Fame for 2014. She is also the first female artist to have won the Tony Award as a solo writer. She landed the prestigious award for her exceptional work with the Broadway musical ‘Kinky Boots’. With a Broadway single, Lauper has become the first artist to top the dance charts in over 25 years. The star is currently on tour and the Cyndi Lauper tickets for her upcoming concerts are making record sales already.

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Cyndi Lauper is among the only twenty artists to have achieved the ‘GET’ status by winning Grammy, Emmy and Tony Awards. Her introductory album ‘She’s So Unusual’ released in 1983 which not only made her a blockbuster star but also earned her the status of being the first female singer to have four top ten singles on her debut album. This year celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of this smash hit album, Lauper is holding the ‘She’s So Unusual’ tour.


The Road to Stardom

Cyndi Lauper began writing songs and playing guitar only at the age of twelve. By the seventies, Lauper was performing as a vocalist with several cover bands in New York. But that was not good enough for this amazing star-to-be. In 1977, Lauper damaged her vocal chords and doctors declared that she will never be able to sing again. But the determined artist regained her voice with the help of a vocal coach, Katie Agresta.


In 1978, Lauper met John Turi and formed a duo band named Blue Angel. In 1980 they released a self-titled album with an album cover which was declared to be one of the hundred best new wave album covers by the Rolling Stone magazine. The duo broke up shortly afterwards and Lauper was forced to confine her performances to local clubs. In 1981 however, while performing in a local New York bar, she met David Wolff who became her manager and proved to be a turning point in her music career.


In 1983, Cyndi Lauper released her first solo album ‘She’s So Unusual’. The album peaked at number four in the United States. Lauper elevated to the level of a star, acclaimed by fans and critics alike.


The Successful Career Henceforth

Cyndi Lauper is one of the biggest stars of the eighties and nineties. She has sold above five million copies of her debut album. Her appearance combined with her thin, girlish voice truly sets her apart. Her second album was released in 1986 which again peaked at number four and also went on to become platinum. Lauper’s third album, ‘A Night to Remember’ also featured a top ten hit. After taking a gap, Cyndi Lauper returned with ‘Hat Full of Stars’ in 1993. ‘Sisters of Avalon’ in 1997 and ‘Merry Christmas… Have a Nice Life!’ in 19988 also kept Lauper among the most sought after stars of the country.


The Star Today

Cyndi Lauper has her distinctive style of continuously exploring different styles of music. Even when she was not making many releases, Lauper remained in touch with music. She always kept writing songs and producing innovative music which she would inculcate in her next releases. Her last album so far, released in 2010, titled ‘Memphis Blues’ saw the star taking on several classic blues songs that garnered her the appreciation of young and old alike. Cindy Lauper tickets are still in as high demand as they were in the eighties because the singer has never failed to keep her fan following intact.


The eighties’ sensational star also has a philanthropic side to her. She has been a very vocal and tireless activist for the LGBT rights. She has also established the ‘True Colors Fund’ which not only works for the betterment of LGBTs but also promotes awareness regarding human rights in the society. The star has toured and competed in reality show to raise funds and help out her charity cause. Lauper is still widely loved and praised for her music as well as her charitable causes and humanitarian activities.

More about the Star

  1. Lauper’s voice range is four octaves.
  2. She won her first Grammy in 1984.
  3. Her son is bilingual, adept in Spanish and English.
  4. There was a Whammy based on Cindy in ‘Press Your Luck’ in 1983.
  5. Lauper’s mother has appeared in several of her videos as well.