Clutch Tickets

Passionate guitar pieces fused with thumping percussion and great singing grant Clutch a distinctive spot among other rock and roll bands. Their music mixes different genres of rock to create a powerful blend that defines their signature sound. Relatable lyrical themes amplify the strength of their musically potent records and songs. The band returns to the road with their latest US tour after the success of their newest studio record. Enjoy perky live performances by the band during their visit to your town for one of their concerts.




Hardcore Rock, Rock and Roll

Hit Songs:

Careful with that Mic, Open Up the Border, The Mob Goes Wild, Immortal, Pigtown Blues

Formation and Breakthrough

Formerly known as the Glut Trip, the band was formed in 1990 by the members, Roger Smalls, Jean Paul Gaster, Dan Maines and Tim Sult. With some of the original songs composed during their mutual jamming, the band played at different gigs in Frederick, Maryland, US. These early shows gained them a local fan following and also drew the attention of many record labels. Roger Smalls was replaced by Neil Fallon as the lead singer and the band took the new name as the Clutch.

Signing their first deal with Earache Records, they released an EP titled Passive Restraints in 1993. Their first studio album, Transnational Speedway League: Anthems, Anecdotes & Undeniable Truths came out in August 1993. With a bunch of original songs in hand, the group performed at a number of venues which increased their existing fan base. Clutch’s third studio record, The Elephant Riders marked a major shift in their career. It charted at the top of the US Heatseekers chart and also made its way to the Billboard 200. This success multiplied the band’s mainstream exposure.

Prevalent Success

Clutch’s successful music journey continued in the following years as they released various chart cracking albums and songs. Their 2001 studio release, Pure Rock Fury produced the hit singles like Careful with that Mic and Immortal which got heavy airplay on different channels. The album peaked at fifth on the US Heatseekers chart besides hitting the Billboard 200 at 135. Successive hit albums like Blast Tyrant (2004), From Beale Street to Oblivion (2007) and Strange Cousins from the West (2009) confirmed their widespread success throughout the decade by hitting multiple music charts.

The Band Today

Today, with 10 full length studio albums and multiple live and compilation records, Clutch is cited among the most popular American rock and roll bands. Consisting of highly dynamic members including Neil Fallon, Jean Paul Gaster, Tim Sult and Dan Maines, the band is surely a great music force to be reckoned with.

Clutch Live!

Clutch brings its latest tour to various cities around the US after the success of their tenth and the latest studio record, Earth Rocker. To watch the band performing live is no less than a treat for the buffs that’s why they are hogging Clutch tickets beforehand. Attend one of their upcoming shows to groove to their classic and newest hits.


Did You Know…

  • One of the band’s songs, The Regulator was featured in The Walking Dead’s episode titled Nebraska.
  • Earth Rocker charted at No.1 on iTunes’ list of top rock albums.
  • The Song, Escape from the Prison Planet from their 1996 self-titled album became the soundtrack of the movie, Escape from LA.
  •  Clutch owns its own label by the name of Weathermaker.
  • The band’s 2004 album, Blast Tyrant was rereleased in 2011 and it sold nearly 3000 units in the first week.