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Straight from Ireland comes a collection of artists that have taken traditional Irish music and its heritage to a whole new level in the form of the wonderful Celtic Nights. The extravaganza is now making its way to the United States for a tour that is expected to give music and theater fans in the country something really special to experience. The road trip will take them to different parts of the country as these immensely talented artists step on the stage for over fifty performances. Get ready to watch a set of performances unlike any other as Irish music flies all the way to the United States.

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Celtic Nights


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Celtic Nights and its artists first took to the stage not too long ago but it was clear to everyone who watched them perform even during the early days that they were witnessing something extraordinary. That has been proved right as this show has turned Irish music into a global phenomenon. Music fans buy Celtic Nights tickets in thousands wherever they go to play and that is expected to be the case on their latest tour as well. It is a spectacle that is worth watching.

A Brief History of Irish Music

Celtic Nights is a tribute to Irish music in its finest form. Irish music traces its roots back to the 18th century when musicians used to play some local instruments to make different tunes and sounds. It was the arrival of the 19th century when traditional Irish music really began to come into its element. Some groups began to perform together and that put it in a new direction since artists involved in Irish music used to perform alone before that.

The musicians started to incorporate more instruments and Irish music began to flourish. As years rolled on, the traditional music from Ireland moved out of villages and became a part of a much broader landscape. It was then taken beyond the borders of the country and it didn’t take it too long to make its mark on the international scene as well.

Celtic Nights

Celtic Nights is a creation by GFD promotions, a theater and dance company based in Ireland. The organization has other famous shows like “Gaelforce Dance,” “Magic Tenors,” “Celtic Angels,” “Jedward” and “On Eagles Wing” among others to its credit. Celtic Nights is an addition to that impressive list. The show pairs six extremely talented artists, three female and three male, with some of the best dancers and musicians that Ireland has produced. Together they create magic on stage in the shape of Celtic Nights. The entire experience is nothing short of spellbinding and it offers a chance to the fans in attendance to see firsthand what makes traditional Irish music so special.

The Celtic Nights Experience

Celtic Nights brings folk music from Ireland to life on stage. It isn’t simply about songs and dances; there is a story behind all that as well. Whatever happens on the stage is a narration of an entire story. Fans are kept involved throughout as they sing along with the performers which add to the overall experience.

There is music and there are dances all in one wonderful spectacle. The talents and the skills of the people on stage and the ones behind the scenes shows in all that happens live in front of the people in attendance. In short, Celtic Nights is Irish music and tradition at its magical best.

Did You Know?

  • Celtic Nights is two hours long in duration.
  • Bluegrass and country music are thought to have been originated from traditional Irish music.
  • Celtic Nights is also scheduled to be turned into a DVD and TV special.
  • The audience at every show is made to sing in such a way that it becomes a part of the entire Celtic Nights show.
  • Michael Durkan, Michael Durkan Jnr and Ciaran Durkan, the directors of GFD Promotions have also previously acted as directors of fourteen other Irish organizations.