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Inventive comedy routines and plucky pranks highlight the funny format of the Impractical Jokers. The cast members, commonly known as The Tenderloins present the show with their enthusiastic live acts and quirky jokes. These energetic members crack up the audiences with laughter by their hilarious sequences. Kicking off a tour this October, the Cast of Impractical Jokers will take up the stage in various cities of the country. See them wisecracking in your nearest venue and have a good time out!

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Event: Cast of Impractical Jokers

Genre: Comedy

Premiere Year: 2011


Impractical Jokers premiered in December 2011 on TruTV. The show consisted of various pranks that were carried out with the hidden cameras in different public places. Due to its fresh concepts, this reality television series became popular right after a few episodes. Impractical Jokers revolves around four comedians, The Tenderloins, who dare each other to execute practical jokes in public parks and roadsides.


The interesting format of the show was liked by a variety of viewers. The improved ratings and increasing popularity of the shows paved way for its second season that premiered in September 2012. Both the seasons were well received by the critics like Linda Stasi of New York Post who cheered the show as “possibly the funniest, most ridiculous show I’ve seen in years”. This fall, the additional Cast of Impractical Jokers along with The Tenderloins will embark on a tour that will visit multiple cities across the US.


The Tenderloins

Four high school friends, collectively known as The Tenderloins are the creators and executive producers of the reality show, Impractical Jokers. Credited with crafting highly imaginative segments and routines of the show, this funny quartet takes the experience of the improvisational comedy to the next level. Their natural flair and energy makes the show a comical ride filled with thrill and fun.

Tenderloins were formed in 1999 and include Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn, Joe Gatto and James Murray. The troupe performed in a number of clubs, comedy shows and festivals throughout the US and became one of the most reputable groups of the country. In later years, they got the attention of millions of web users through their humorous internet sketches.


They made a pilot sitcom for the Spike TV which couldn’t get the airplay. In late 2010, they pitched the idea of the reality television show Impractical Jokers which was instantly picked by the TruTV. The channel telecasted its first episode on December 15, 2011 and since then, it is a regular production. Due to its entertaining scheme and striking routines, the show is an audience favorite.


Cast of Impractical Jokers Live

Featuring the same comic experience, never-seen prank footages and new stand-up pieces, The Impractical Jokers Tour Featuring The Tenderloins is better, livelier and funnier. Cast of Impractical Jokers tickets are among the most sought after comedy event tickets of the season. Join Sal, Joe, Q and Murr in one of their upcoming live shows and enjoy their rib-tickling jokes!

Did You Know…

  1. In 2007 The Tenderloins won $100,000 grand prize in NBC’s reality competition, It’s Your Show.
  2. They were ranked No.1 on MySpace out of more than 120,000 comedian accounts.
  3. They have also published their comic book that sold really well.
  4. The first season of the Impractical Jokers was watched by more than 32 million viewers.
  5. Impractical Jokers has been presented with UK, Belgian, Dutch and Brazilian versions.