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The Indie pop duo, Capital Cities have announced dates for their latest tour. Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant are heading off to different parts of North as well as South America. They will be performing for their fans that have been looking forward to seeing them live from the moment the schedule was announced. Apart from performing in the United States, Capital Cities will also take to the stage in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and of course Canada.  The duo will be on tour all the way till August and it might go beyond that if new dates are added to the list.

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Capital Cities

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United States

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The Capital Cities have made a serious impact on the music world in a very short time. The duo has been on a roll since making their debut in the year 2011. A meeting that happened totally by chance has now turned into one of the most talked about and fastest rising bands on the circuit today. They are now on tour and it gives fans of the genre a chance to watch them hit the stage live and witness their incredible talent firsthand. So if you are into indie pop then book your Capital Cities tickets and watch these two brilliant artists live in concert.

How It Began

Sebu Simonian and Ryan Merchant met just a few years back. They are no childhood friends or two people who became friends in college, which makes their rise to where they are right now all the more remarkable.  In fact, Simonian and Merchant were both into jingle writing. Coming across each other in 2008, they decided to explore their common passion for music.

The Formation of Capital Cities

The two wrote jingles for around two years. All along they kept their passion for music alive and after a while, Simonian and Merchant decided to form a band. They came up with the name Capital Cities for the band and that gave the two of them a new identity. The new band provided them the platform to shine and shine they did.

Capital Cities came out with a self-titled EP in the year 2011 which was released independently since they didn’t have a big name label to back them. The track “Safe and Sound” came out for digital download and it got a lot of airtime on different radio stations in the United States. That played a big part in the song reaching the mainstream masses and turning it into a huge success. Safe and Sound has sold well over two million copies in the United States since then.

Mainstream Exposure and Debut Album

The success of Safe and Sound put Capital Cities under the spotlight and they made the most of it. It wasn’t long before their talents started to be recognized by major labels. The band finally went on to sign for Capitol Records. With a big name behind them, Capital Cities hit the studios to work on their debut album, “In a Tidal Wave of Mystery.” This album hit the music stores on 4th June 2013 and got a pretty good response from critics; like Allmusic that gave it four stars out of five.

Capital Cities then went on to release another EP titled “Kangaroo Court” in December 2013 which, again, received positive response from across the board. Their star is on the rise, that is for sure. It is now up to the two of them to keep the momentum going and make the most of their talents. They are on a hot streak at present and have now hit the road for another epic tour.

Indie music has two new stars and they are all set to shine.


Did You Know?

  • Merchant and Simonian of the Capital Cities met for the first time through Craigslist.
  • They have been nominated for a Grammy Award.
  • Their debut album was released through their own label, Lazy Hooks.
  • Apart from the US, Safe and Sound has gone multi-platinum in Mexico, Germany and Canada as well.
  • Capital Cities have gone on tour across four continents.