Bill Burr Tickets

One of the most hilarious stand-up comedians of the past decade, Bill Burr has sent thousands on a laughing spree with his humorous material and perfect comic timings. The artist has worked in several films, TV shows as well as radio podcasts. Bill has a knack for keeping the viewers engaged throughout his stand-up gigs. His satirical pieces along with observational comedy sketches are quite popular around the comedy circuit. Often hailed as the ‘Comedian’s Comedian’, Bill’s hot selling specials and DVDs have earned him numerous praises from the critics over the years. This season, the artist will be staging another exciting series of shows around the country at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Hall, Mashantucket’s MGM Grand Theater, the Boulder Theater and the Chicago Theater.

Artist: Bill Burr

Genres: Observational Comedy, Black Comedy, Cringe Humor

Popular DVDs: You People Are All The Same, Let It Go, Why Do I Do This?, Emotionally Unavailable


Early Years

Born in Canton, Bill graduated with majors in Radio from Emerson College. While studying, he also hosted a morning show on the college radio. By the age of twenty three, Bill began his stand-up comedy career. He moved to New York City in 1995, where he made a name for himself in the city’s comedy circuit. He later relocated to Los Angeles where he got the opportunity to star in several television series. Bill returned to New York in 1999 and bagged several roles in Hollywood films such as ‘Twisted Fortune’, ‘Passionada’ and ‘Perfect Fit’.

Stand-Up Career

In 2003, Bill released his first CD, ‘Emotionally Unavailable’. The album featured Bill’s on-the-road live performances around the country. The CD was well received by the critics and fans, placing Bill in the much deserved limelight. His fresh material and unique comedy style earned him spots on the HBO and Comedy Central networks. In 2005, he was seen performing in an HBO One Night Stand special.

The comedian released two more CD/DVDs’ titled ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Why Do I Do This?’ that earned him international recognition. His most recent special, ‘You People Are All The Same’, was released in 2012 to critical appraise. Bill has made several late night show appearances on ‘The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien’, ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’ and the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’.

Bill Burr Live

Bill has become popular for his live acts featuring satirical pieces and black comedy sketches. The stand-up comedian loves to keep the crowd engaged throughout the show, offering a truly uproarious and memorable experience for the viewers. He performs over a hundred shows every year, attracting masses from every corner of the country. Every season, thousands of fans get their hands on Bill Burr tickets in order to witness Bill live on stage. This season, the fans can once again make sure to reserve their seats at the upcoming Bill Burr shows and become a part of a hilarious journey with friends and family.


Did You Know…


  1. Bill has voiced for the character Jason Michaels, in the celebrated Rockstar North’s game, Grand Theft Auto IV/
  1. Bill’s latest special, ‘You People Are All The Same’ was released exclusively on Netflix.
  1. Bill hosts his famous weekly Monday Morning Podcast from his home.
  1. The comedian also holds the distinction of being the very first guest invited on Tom Green’s popular podcast.
  1. Bill’s brother, Robert Burr, is a selectman who was briefly nominated to fill the vacant United States Senate seat from Massachusetts in 2009.