Big Head Todd The Monsters Tickets

Formed in 1986 in Colorado, Big Head Todd and the Monsters is a blues and rock band, which achieved mainstream success during the late eighties and early nineties. The band’s magnum opus was their 1993 album, Sister Sweetly, which would go on to be certified platinum in the United States. The band, known for its live performances, built a following even before signing to a major label due to their excessive touring and live shows. Big Head Todd and the Monsters tickets will allow you to catch the band live in concert, as they go on a nationwide tour to promote their latest studio offering, Black Beehive.


Big Head Todd and the Monsters


Rock, Blues


Todd Park Mohr, Brian Nevin and Rob Squires


In 1986, Todd Park Mohr, Brian Nevin and Rob Squires decided to form a band. All three had attended high school together and knew each other from those days. However they separated when Mohr was admitted to the Colorado State University and the other two got into the University of Colorado. Mohr eventually transferred to the University of Colorado to rejoin Nevin and Squires, and the band was once again complete.

Mohr became the band’s lead guitarist and vocalist, Squires handled the bass and backing vocals while Nevin was on drums. The trio started touring extensively and would frequent clubs around the Denver area, Boulder and Fort Collins. Soon they developed a following, especially in the Mountain States and the West Coast. Touring under the moniker of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, they soon started attracting large crowds to their concerts. The band decided to form their record label, “Big Records”, under which they released their first album, Another Mayberry, in 1989.

Musical Journey:

The band’s first album received positive feedback from the fans and it was considered a good effort by critics as well. gave the album a three star rating, which means the album had its plus points and minus points.

The following year, the band released its second album. Titled Midnight Radio, the album featured artwork from Chris Mars, drummer of The Replacements. As a result of the success of the band’s first two albums, they developed a sizeable following, especially in the Mountain States and generally over the rest of the country too. The band was invited to perform at the 1993 H.O.R.D.E Festival in 1993, where they recorded their first live album.

In 1993, the band signed with Giant Records, a major record company and started work on their third studio album. The album, titled “Sister Sweetly” became a major hit and soon went platinum. It reached the number one spot on the Billboard’s Heatseeker chart and peaked at 117 on the Billboard 200 chart as well. The album spawned three successful singles, “Bittersweet”, “Circle” and “Broken Hearted Savior”, all three of which charted on the U.S. Mainstream Rock chart.

The band’s next release Strategem was another major success, peaking at number 30 on the Billboard 200 chart, but it did not sell as well as its predecessor. Since then the band has produced nine more albums, but none of them have matched the success of their earlier work. However, most of their albums have been placed highly on various music charts, causing the band to maintain its loyal fan following.

To catch the versatile and talented band live in action, buy Big Head Todd and the Monsters tickets and enjoy quality live music, as the band goes on a nationwide tour to promote their latest studio offering.


Interesting Facts:

  • During their early days of touring, the band would drive around in a van that they called “The Colonel”. They drove over 400,000 miles on the van.
  • The trio attended Columbine High School together.
  • The band’s song “In the Morning” was featured in the 1994 film action film, Blown Away.
  • In 1995, the band recorded “Tangerine” for Atlantic Records’ Led Zeppelin tribute album, Encomium: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin.
  • The band’s 1993 album Sister Sweetly was produced by Prince’s associate, David Z.