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The importance of music cannot be ignored if you want to produce good dance. While the beginners dance to the beats, the professional performers dance to the tunes and emotions of the song.

Dance as a Profession

You can pursue a wide variety of careers related to the dance field. Some of these professions include being a dancer, choreographer, dance instructor and dance sport coach. Several schools and universities offer specialized training programs in classical and modern dance. Normally, the choreographers also receive special training before they are hired for specific productions. Often, they are hired as resident choreographer for a particular dance company.


Combining music, poetry, costumes and dance all in one setting, ballet performances were first staged in the splendid courts of France and Italy during the fifteenth and sixteenth century. At that point in time, members of the court participated in the performances. In 1661, an avid dancer by profession, Louis XIV formed his own Royal Dance Academy in Paris. The institute created benchmarks for the art of dance and certifications of the dance teachers. Gradually, the court members got replaced by the professional dancers and ballet masters received licenses from the French government. After his retirement in 1672, Louis made Lully the director of Royal Dance Academy and this is when the first professional ballet company, Paris Opera Ballet came into existence.

Dance music

Dance music is made either in the form of complete musical piece or part of a musical repertoire in order to facilitate the art of dancing. One of its earliest forms is the folk dance music which is a great blend of traditional and popular dance music. The popular dance music is sorted either by genre or by decade. As far as the genre is concerned, dance music comes in various forms including the tango, waltz, can-can, bolero, minuets, salsa and jigs. Ballad is also a form of dance but it is usually accompanied by slow dance routines. Moreover, ballads are said to have a very different tempo compared to dance music. In the early eighties, a new form of electronic dance music began to take roots. Following its debut, this type of music was increasingly played at the nightclubs, radio stations, concerts and festivals. The EDM went into mainstream during the era of personal computers that allowed the producers to achieve full synchronization of dance tunes. Some of the popular genres of electronic dance music include house, drum & bass, techno, hardcore, jungle, electronica and many more.

The Experience

At the dawn of twentieth century, the concert dance experienced innovation through a new free style. A great mix of traditional and free style, Eurythmy is a unique art form that introduced fresh vocabulary to dance. People who have bought Dance tickets to any of the dance events can tell that the bond between music and dance cannot be separated. This is simply because music has played a vital role in the evolution of contemporary dance and ballet.

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