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In today’s world, reaching out and experiencing cultures spread across the globe has become a simple yet exciting activity. People now enjoy the rich traditions and heritage of other cultures without leaving their own environment. This opportunity has allowed many people to learn new values and gain different perspectives to life, through seeking inspirations present in cultures other than their own. The constant flow of arts, entertainment, information and resources around the world, has dissolved several traditional cultural barriers that existed in earlier times. Now, the openness of the world has helped people to indulge in the experiences of other cultures through various forms such as music, films, performing arts, theater, dance and even lifestyle.



Often hailed as a universal language, music has always been a part of almost all cultures since the dawn of time. Each culture around the world shares a rich music heritage. Today’s several popular music genres such as pop, rock, jazz, electronic and classical music have all been influenced by worldwide cultures. Regardless of their genres, Western artists such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Enigma, Deep Forest and Enya have all taken inspirations from non-western music.


In North America, millions of people enjoy different type of music every day. Non-western artists have gained significant popularity in the US and perform hundreds of shows annually. Whether it’s the raw energy of Irish music, loud beats of Japanese drums, classical Asian sounds or the voices of African rain forests, world music continues to enthrall thousands every year. Popular non-western artists like Celtic Crossroads, Eileen Ivers, Step Afrika, Ottmar Liebert, Alka Yagnik and Amjad Ali Khan continue to captivate the audience with their breathtaking live performances.


Performing Arts

Other than music, performing arts is another highly popular recreational activity that has managed to transcend cultural barriers. Several foreign performing arts companies have staged magnificent shows on North American stages, representing a plethora of cultures from Russia, China, India, Japan and Australia. Other than that, many popular western companies such as Cirque du Soleil also bring enchanting circus shows to the US stages that feature theme based performances of worldwide cultures.


The Live Experience

Witnessing performances and acts representing different cultures is always a spectacular experience for the viewers. The shows allow the audiences to indulge in a memorable journey, offering a completely new perspective. World tickets allow the viewers to attend music concerts of subcontinent singers as well as lively theatrical performances from Europe. This season, the fans are eagerly waiting to catch world artists and events such as Omella Vanoni, Mohsen Namjoo, Maya Diab, Mystical Arts of Tibet, The Irish Rovers and The Distinctive Rhythms of World Cultures. The viewers can make sure to be a part of these highly engaging and enlightening cultural shows that will surely leave them enchanted. 

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