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Electronic Dance Music

Electronic dance music has become a popular genre around the world. The dance oriented sound of electronic music has spurred interest in the genre, allowing it to fuse with several other mainstream genres such as pop and rock. The electronic dance music has several sub genres with high appeals such as dubstep, hard style, trance and techno. EDM has become a popular choice for dance based environments such as parties and night clubs. The music is usually played live by a Disk Jockey in continuous sets, where progression from one track to another is made via a synchronized segue.


Origins of Techno

The popular subgenre of EDM, techno, originated from Detroit, Michigan during the 1980s. The rise of electronic music around the world was led by pioneers such as Yellow Magic Orchestra, Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk. The earlier electronic influences included electric jazz, Chicago house, electro and funk mixed with African American music styles. Further, the fictional themes and futuristic influences of the late capitalistic American society gave birth to a more defined electronic music sound.


The Godfather of Techno

Juan Atkins was one of the pioneers of techno, whose electronic-music inspired tracks were extremely well received by the critics and fans in the US. Juan began producing electronic works with Richard Davis under the group, Cybotron. They released their debut album ‘Enter' in 1983 that comprised of hit track ‘Clear'. The song became the basis of Juan's future techno musical style. Inspired by the sound of German band Kraftwerk, ‘Clear' featured a fusion of club music with electronic elements. After parting ways from Cybotron, Juan formed his own recording label, Metroplex, and invited friends Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Eddie Fowlkes to record electronic works. Juan released several hit songs as Model 500 that earned him the title of the ‘godfather of techno'. Later, his compositions were reproduced in Europe to critical and commercial fame.


Techno Today

Today, techno music has become a highly popular mainstream music genre. The different approaches used by various international artists have resulted in several sub genres of techno such as tech house, minimal tech, ambient techno and acid techno. Now, popular rock and pop artists continue to incorporate techno dance beats in their music allowing for a successful fusion between the genres. Artists like Paul Van Dyk, Deadmau5 and DJ Tiesto have all found immense success and fame in techno and electronic dance music.


The Live Experience

This season, top techno and electronic dance musicians from around the world will be playing live at major concert halls and venues around the US. Artists like Icona Pop, Avicii, Above and Beyond, Sebastian Ingrosso, Skrillex and Thomas Gold will once again spread their magic live on stage. Techno Electronic tickets will be in demand by all the party goers and dance lovers. So make sure to hop on the electronic dance music bandwagon for an enlivening music experience.

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