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A World in Itself
Music is almost as old as human history and it emerged as a medium of expression as soon as man formed social groups. Earliest instruments and music resulted from different devotional practices and religious rituals. Today, music is more of a recreational activity than of a spiritual obligation. Regardless of its purpose, music has played an essential role and remains an important part of one's life. Today, numerous genres and music styles are known to us and we enjoy them as per our taste and liking.
Among others, Country, Pop, Rock, Folk, Blues, Classic and Hip Hop are vital to consider. Each one of these genres branches out to various sub-categories and stores a wide range of styles. Exploring each type to its fullest requires years of hard work and practice. Hip Hop, that includes Rapping as one its key elements, is as cosmic as any other music form.
Birth and Expansion
The amazing genre originated as an organized music form in the 1970s. Before that, artists like DJ Hollywood, Lovebug Starski and Keith Cowboy are considered to be the pioneers who first coined the term. DJing, Graffiti writing, Rapping and Break Dancing are the main pillars that build up Hip Hop. Bronx and New York City are credited to be the cultural roots of the genre where it became popular with the rise of block parties.
DJ Kool Herc is often named as the father of Hip Hop and he introduced the genre to New York. Till 1979, Hip Hop was not properly recorded, apart from some mixtapes created by the DJs. One of the formal Hip Hop record was Rapper's Delight by The Sugarhill Gang. It gradually spread out of New York and was warmly received in other states, majorly Philadelphia.
Mid 1980s and early 1990s can be called the golden era for the genre as it became part of the mainstream and its popularity crossed the national borders. Concerts featuring Hip Hop and Rap mushroomed and Rap Hip Hop tickets outsold many other popular forms like Pop and rock tickets. De La Soul, MC Hammer and Snoop Dog are popular artists of that period and they hit the charts with their multi-platinum records.
This development gave birth to many sub categories and sorts like Gangsta Rap and West Coast Hip Hop. For the coming years, all of these types became part of the commercial music and gathered a strong international following.
It's not Music, It's a Lifestyle
The Hip Hop and Rap are deeply rooted in the lives of the artists as well as the loyal listeners. This is more than just music and it is considered to be the “voice” that needs to be projected. Famous African American and Jamaican rappers and musicians share strong bonds with their community and represent their common beliefs and perspectives through their art and music. It's like “saying more in less” kind of a situation where the style is rampant but sensible.
Enjoy it Live!
The rush and vibe of Hip Hop and Rap is best felt live. The atmosphere of the show gets through the crowd and makes the experience simply spectacular. So next time if you come across any such event, make sure to attend it.

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