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A Bouncy Blend

Pop Rock, a fusion of two most popular genres of music, combines gripping guitars and poppy sound. Catchy beats coupled with groovy rock result in pleasant and easy to remember tracks and appeal to a broad array of music listeners. The genre has world famous artists who have entertained countless people with their musicianship. Often considered as a sub-category of the rock, Pop Rock is mainly a product of commercialism and mainstream music. But this reinvigorating combination is surely successful in delighting listeners of both rock and pop.


The foundation of Pop Rock can be traced back to the 1960s when it emerged in the US and UK during the rise of experimental groups and bands. Those bands, as opposed to traditional sound, mixed different genres and layered a music type that was fresh as well as classy. This trend marked an essential development in the flourishing music scene and became internationally popular. Some of the pioneer artists that are associated with the expansion of Pop Rock include Three Dog Night, Billy Joes, Elton John and Bee Gees.

Trend and Development

The genre picked up pace soon after it spurred on the international music landscape. In 1970s, it became a key of success for most of the bands and solo artists. A lot of established musicians like Queen moved from a staunch rock to more pop-oriented sound. The start of 1980s brought super stars like Daryl Hall and John Oates and Michael Jackson, who gave a new dimension to the genre with their matchless artistry and style. During the later decade, artists such as Bryan Adams, Madonna and George Michael took over and ruled the scene. Their treatment of songs became a formula for chart hits and mainstream fame. With the advent of 1990s, grunge and punk movement sidelined the crude rock and Punk Pop emerged as the new in-thing. Popular artists from this era are The Offspring and Green Day.

2000s and Today

With the beginning of the new century, many singers and bands revived Pop Rock and gave it a fresh start. Their energizing sound restored the reigning status of the genre among other music forms. Some of the modern players like Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson and One Republic are notable in this regard.

A Double Dose!

By incorporating recording technology and synthesizers, Pop Rock not only excites the youngsters but is enjoyed by mature audiences. The concerts featuring famous Pop Rock musicians are high in demand because of the likeability of the genre. Pop Rock tickets have always sold like hotcakes whenever there is any such live show. Rock your world and pop up your flair next time any such concert takes place in your city!

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